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Hi! I’m so happy you are here!

I’m Cristina – the founder of SaturdayGift.

I want to help you simplify, plan, grow and succeed so that you can feel good, be productive and have more time and money for all those things that are important to you.

I started the blog because I wanted to share how me-gifting changed my shopping habits and brought (and still brings) me so much joy while saving money and keeping my home clutter free without much effort.

But now I’ve expanded the blog to cover multiple topics and I added pretty and productive printables to help you achieve balance, beat the procrastination and overwhelm and live the life that you always dreamt of living. 

I cover multiple topics on my blog, but they all go under three main categories: your time, your money and your space/home.

This is the place where you can come for inspiration, tips, and pretty printable to simplify, plan, be productive, and succeed…

One gift at a time. <3

Looking for cute printable calendars?

What’s me-gifting?

I talk a lot about me-gifting.

When I stopped shopping for things in a “traditional way” and started to gift myself Saturday gifts I didn’t know what to call it. There was the concept of me-time and a concept of re-gifting, so I combined them and started to call the “new way I was shopping for things” me-gifting.

Psst! If you want to know the story of how I stopped shopping in a traditional way and discovered me-gifting, you can read it here ->

And here’s the full SaturdayGift Dictionary:

Want to print out some pretty planner printables?