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The Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle 2020 Review – Should You Buy It?

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What is The Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle? What’s included in the bundle? And most importantly: Should you buy it?


When I first heard about the Ultimate Bundles and their products (like The Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle) I couldn’t quite understand how these bundles with all those amazing resources can be sold at something like 97% off.

How can you get tens of resources worth a few thousand dollars with just a fraction of the price?

Are the products any good?

And why is everyone raving about these bundles?

I’m a bit of a learning junkie, so after understanding the concept, it didn’t take long for me to become a super fan of these bundles.

The ultimate women's wellness bundle Review | SaturdayGift

*** This post includes affiliate links. Click here for the full disclosure policy. ***

What are these “Ultimate Bundles”?

Here are a few questions you might have about the Ultimate Bundles:


The Ultimate Bundles are a collection of amazing resources (ebooks, workbooks, e-courses, planners etc.) that the company Ultimate Bundles puts together. Each product has been contributed to the bundle by a different expert, blogger, coach and/or digital entrepreneur.


The bundles are normally sold for a limited time ( a week or so) and during that time you can get all the resources about the topic with a huge discount.


To anyone who wants to improve themselves, learn something new or wants or needs a little help with something they want to accomplish. There’s been bundles about Healthy Meal Planning, Mastering Your Money, Stay at homeHome Making, Blogging... you name it. 

But The Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle is just for ladies. Sorry guys! 😀 

NOTE: The bundle deals are a no brainer, but they’re not for everyone. But if the topic is something you’ll want to learn more, then you’ll find A-mazing resources in them!


Not much. Not much at all. The prices depend on the bundle but for example The Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle is 37 dollars and it has 80 products (+ bonuses!) in it and it’s worth $4652.70. It’s a steal!


Don’t worry! It’s not going to be overwhelming at all. 

You shouldn’t expect yourself to go through all of the resources. You don’t have to study every single course, read every book and print out all the printables and planners.

The best part is that you get to sample products from different writers, coaches and bloggers and see which ones you like.


You must have heard people calling something a win-win situation. Meaning that something happens and everyone wins. Well, these bundles are one of those “situations”.

You win because you get all those amazing resources for the fraction of the price!

The company – Ultimate Bundles – wins, because they can collect these bundles and sell them.

The contributors to the bundles (meaning the writers, course creators etc.) win because they get to showcase their work for thousands of people that otherwise wouldn’t maybe find them. And instead of selling their course or book to their audience they can sell these bundles and then their audience get the product they want to get plus tens more with approximately the same price. 

So actually this is a win-win-WIN situation! 

So I think we’ve established by now that I’m a huge fan of these bundles. And I buy a lot of different bundles during the year.

And in this post I want to walk you through The Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle 2020.

FLASH SALE: The Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle 2020 will only be on sale at this price for 48 hours! The sale ends on the 3rd of September, 2020 at midnight!


The Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle 2020 Review

The Ultimate Women's Wellness Bundle Full Bundle | SaturdayGift

Quick facts about the Ultimate Women’s Wellness bundle:

Products: 80 products total –33 eBooks, 32 eCourses & audios, 12 workbooks & printables, 2 summits & a documentary

Value: $4652.70

Price: $37

The new Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle is been sold right now. But only until Midnight February 10th, 2020. 

So if you’re looking to

  • Discover natural ways to improve your sleep
  • Find your ideal weight (and love your body in the process)
  • Fit exercise consistently into your routine
  • Eat less sugar
  • Live with more energy
  • Balance your hormones
  • Prevent and respond to illness in a healthy way
  • Set loving boundaries for healthier relationships 

then this bundle has all the resourses that can help get there!

There are 80 products worth $4652.70:

  • 33 eBooks
  • 32 eCourses & audios
  • 12 workbooks & printables
  • 2 summits & a documentary
  • Plust BONUSES!

And these healthy living resources are created by doctors, nutritionists, OB-GYNs, physical therapists, naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and a variety of other experts.

What’s in the Ultimate Women’s Wellness bundle?

All the resources fall under one (or more) of these 8 categories:

  • Self Care & Confidence (8 products worth $727.97)
  • Skincare & Beauty (6 products worth $126.92)
  • Planners & Trackers (5 products worth $80.96)
  • Mental & Emotional Health (8 products worth $702.87)
  • Natural Health (4 products worth $174.58)
  • Fitness & Physical Health (5 products worth $395.96)
  • Food & Healthy Eating (11 products worth $544.90)
  • For Moms (5 products worth $505.95)
  • Hormones (7 products worth $334.78) 
  • Fertility & Pregnancy (7 products worth $101.92)
  • Menopause & Beyond (6 products worth $212.99)
  • Chronic Illness (6 products worth $720.92)

You can find a lot of products whether you want to learn more about hormonal balance, eat healthier, take better care of yourself or you improve your physical health.

And as I wrote before – and I can’t emphasize it enough – you don’t have to study everything or go through all the resources.

Even though you’d use only a few of the products, most likely the value of them will be much more than what you paid for this bundle!).

So next I’d like to highlight my favorite products from this bundle and a few questions that can help you decide whether you want to buy this bundle. 

FLASH SALE: The Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle 2020 will only be on sale at this price for 48 hours! The sale ends on the 3rd of September, 2020 at midnight!


My favorite products in this bundle

There are 80 products in this bundle so I’m going to highlight a few products in some of the categories.

Even though there are 80 products, I’m most definitely NOT going to study them all. I’ll only go through the ones that I need help with. If I’d spend all of my free time studying all these wonderful resources I wouldn’t have any time to actually implement them.

So I like to think what are the areas I need help with? What are the topics I’d like to cover so that I can get some quick wins and feel better about myself and what is the one area in my life that needs improvement so that I could be happier and healthier and then I’ll learn more about that!

I recommend you to do the same! Do you need a better eating habits? Do you want to balance your hormones? Do you want to feel more confident? Do you want to exercise more?

What ever it is for you, I bet you’ll find the resources in this bundle. 

So here are my favorite products:

Self-care and confindence

The Ultimate Women's Wellness Bundle Category Self-care & Confindence | SaturdayGift
  • The Quiet Miracle: by Celine Harleaux. A 5 week journey to self-love (e-course) $513.00
  • Frumpy to Fabulous: The Wardrobe Course for Moms. by Corina holden. Take your tired-out wardrobe from frumpy to fabulous in 4 weeks flat. (e-course) $79.00

Food & Healthy Eating

The Ultimate Women's Wellness Bundle Category Food & Healthy Eating | SaturdayGift
  • Never Diet Again: “The Sexy Confident Woman Formula” by Anna Renderer. Stop dieting and start dominating with this 21 day revolutionary program to end the vicious cycle of extreme dieting, feeling burnt out and doubtful so that you can finally feel happy & satisfied with your health and fitness.  (e-course) $67.00.

Mental & Emotional Health

The Ultimate Women's Wellness Bundle Category Mental & Emotional Health | SaturdayGift
  • Love &  Boundaries by Beautiful Minds Wellness. Helps you set and maintain healthy emotional boundaries (eCourse) $197.00
  • Happy Calm by Lisa Grace Byrne. Teaches tools to keep you calm, balanced and flexible so you can live a full and happy life.  (eCourse) $179.00 

These 5 products alone are worth $1035.00!

And the bundle costs $37.00!

And if I can feel better about myself and get even a bit healthier with the things I learn from those resources, that’s priceless!

FLASH SALE: The Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle 2020 will only be on sale at this price for 48 hours! The sale ends on the 3rd of September, 2020 at midnight!


Should you buy the ultimate women’s wellness bundle?

Whenever I buy something for myself that I want and even need I like to think of those purchases like they would be a gift. Gift to myself. A me-gift.

So like with any gifting, I want to be absolutely sure that I’m giving something that the recipient really wants. And because in this case the gift is a me-gift the recipient is me. So I need to gift myself something I really REALLY want.

And for me – these bundles are something I really REALLY want.

But is this bundle something that you really REALLY want? Is it something you would benefit from? Is it something you need? 

I could help you make the decision by giving you questions to answer like:

  • Are you going to benefit from some of these products?
  • Is there an area you need to improve and would this bundle hold resources that can help you with that?
  • Are there resources in this bundle that could help you achieve your goals?

But by now you already know if you want to buy it.

Buy the bundle if you really REALLY want it AND if you’re excited to start using the resources right away!
And if you’re still not quite sure. Ask yourself: what would be a better gift to give to yourself than a gift of learning, a gift of “feel-good” and a gift of health. 

Check out the bundle HERE


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The ultimate women's wellness bundle Review | SaturdayGift
The ultimate women's wellness bundle Review | SaturdayGift
The ultimate women's wellness bundle Review | SaturdayGift

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