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About Cristina Morero

Hi, I’m Cristina – the creator of SaturdayGift, NLP Master Practitioner, lover of simplified life and a me-gifting extraordinaire. 

I have a Masters in Business Administration and I worked years in corporate jobs in procurement and developing and streamlining processes. 

And while I absolutely loved working for multinational companies, my passion for self-development, simplifying, productivity, problem-solving and helping others to excel in their lives took over and was born. 

I’ve gone from one extreme to another

  • from clutter to complete minimalism
  • from overshopping to no-buy
  • from over-spending to frugality
  • from I’m-so-busy-and-there’s-still-so-much-to-do to slow life

Until I found the sweet spot in between. A happy place in the middle. And that’s were I want to continue being. 

And now I’ve combine all of my knowledge into a pretty little package – a Saturday gift – I now want to gift to you.

And I’m so happy that you’re here. You are a gift. And I hope that my tips, articles, and printables will help you simplify, plan, be productive, and succeed.

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And hey! If something that I write sounds funny or weird, it’s because English is my second language. Finnish is my first. But I always do my best. And thank God for Grammarly!

About Saturday Gift

If you want to simplify, plan, be productive and succeed while feeling good about yourself you’ve come to the right place!

Here you can find pretty and practical printables, and get simple tips and tools to simplify, plan, be productive and succeed – one gift at a time.