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This blog is dedicated to all the amazing women who don’t just want to manage their homes, time and money, but to master them instead. And who want to feel good about themselves while doing that.

This is the place where you can come for inspiration, printables, tips and tools to simplify, plan, grow and succeed – one gift at a time.

Yes, you can have the balanced life and find the sweet spot between overshopping and no-buys, between overspending and frugality, between clutter and complete minimalism and between slow life and “I-am-so-busy-and-there’s-still-so-much-to-do” AND still have everything you ever wanted,

and I’m here to help you with that!

About Cristina Morero

Cristina Morero | SaturdayGift

Hey everyone, I’m Cristina – 

the blogger behind SaturdayGift, a professional buyer, MBA, NLP Master Practitioner, lover of streamlined life and a me-gifting extraordinaire. 

I’ve gone from one extreme to another – from overshopping to no-buy, from over-spending to frugality, from clutter to complete minimalism – until I found the sweet spot in between.

I worked years as a purchaser and developing and streamlining processes (and saving millions for the companies I worked for!), but my passion has always been self-development, coaching, solving problems and helping others to excel in their lives. 

It took me forever but finally I was able to find a way to combine all of my knowledge, passions and values into a pretty little package – a Saturday gift – I now want to gift to you.

And I’m so happy that you’re here. You are a gift. And I hope that my tips, articles and printables will help you simplify, plan, grow and succeed.

(And hey! If something that I write sounds funny or weird, it’s because English is my second language. Finnish is my first. But I always do my best. And thank God for Grammarly!)

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