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I’m so happy you’re here. is a place where you can come for inspiration, calendars, pretty & free printables, tips and tools to simplify, plan, be productive and succeed. One printable Saturday gift at a time.

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Printable calendars

Cute Saturday Gift printable calendars

Want to see all the pretty & free printable calendars I’ve created for you? Super! You can find both year on one page and monthly calendars.


Pretty, Practical Planner Printables

Want to print out some cute (and free!) printable pages, weekly lists, goal planners, habit trackers and other planner inserts and checklists? Super!


Monthly habit tracker
Habit trackers
Pomodoro Technique PDF Worksheets | SaturdayGift
Pomodoro tracker

Want To Be More Productive? Super!

Check out all the posts I’ve written about productivity and print out pretty and practical weekly lists, mini goals planners, calendars, daily lists and more!


Want Tips, Tools & Inspiration to Transform Your Life?

What’s important to you? What are your core values? What’s your life’s purpose? Want tips, tools and inspiration to transform your life and live with intention and purpose?


Core Values List - 192 Personal Values - Categories - Black and White Horizontal
Core values list


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