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Are you looking to find some pretty (and free!) printable June 2020 calendar? Super! Here are some pretty designs you might like! 

If you like pretty printables and enjoy being organized and plan and schedule your days and weeks, then you might just fall in love with these printable June 2020 calendar designs. 

In this post you can find:

  • Horizontal calendars
  • Vertical calendars
  • Elegant black & White designs
  • Pretty pastel designs
  • Sunday-start calendars
  • Monday-start calendars (some designs)

Size: US letter but some are resizable

Instand download. Free printables.

Perfect for your planner, binder, bullet journal or home command center! 

Looking for some cute, free printable June 2020 calendars? Here are some you might like! Choose your favorite from the pretty calendar designs!

Choose your favorite from these Free June 2020 calendar templates, download them and print them out.

You can write down holidays and events and make it your own.

You can even resize some of these pretty calendars to fit your bullet journal or discbound planner, but they’re pretty cute that you might even use them as-is.

All these calendars can be directly downloaded from this post and you can print out as many as you wish and need for your personal use. 

  1. Scroll down until you see your favorite desing
  2. The (instant) download links can be found under each image

All designs ©SaturdayGift Ltd. For personal use only, not to be copied, distributed, altered or sold.

Some of the the images have my big logo on a pink, beige or blue banner, but the PDFs of course come without that. Those are just there if someone wants to pin those images 😀

I hope you like them! 

Cute & Free Printable June Monthly Calendars Long Pin Collage Image | SaturdayGift

Materials I use and recommend when printing a calendar

If you need to resize the printable: 

Cute (and Free!) Printable June 2020 calendar – All designs

Cute & Free Printable June Monthly Calendars Featured Collage Image | SaturdayGift

Here are all the free June 2020 calendar designs to print.

All designs © SaturdayGift Ltd. For personal use only, not to be copied, distributed, altered or sold.

Super Cute June 2020 calendars

Here are some cute horizontal June 2020 calendars in SaturdayGift signature colors: pretty pink, baby blue and elegant beige.

I use this HP 32lb premium paper when I print my calendars and especially for these ones I recommend to use a bit heavier paper so that the pastel colors will print out pretty. 

If you want to save some ink there’s also a black and white version of these cute calendars. 

And here’s the black & white June calendar

This one can be easily resized to fit your bullet journal or planner

You can use a straight line cutter to make the printable the right size.

June 2020 calendar – elegant horizontal (landscape) – Sunday start & Monday-start

Here’s a horizontal (landscape) June 2020 calendar. You can find both Sunday-starting and Monday-starting versions of this desing.

You can use this for example for organizing your schedules, for creating a meal plan or for writing down your plans and events. And this one could look super cute on your home command center! 

Psst! This is my reader’s  number one favorite calendar! 

Want to see pictures of this calendar in use? Check out this post: Elegant horizontal 2020 monthly calendar

Printable June 2020 calendar – vertical (portrait) – Sunday-start & Monday-start

Here are the free Sunday-starting and Monday-starting vertical June 2020 calendars.

Because there’s more room to write list-type of things on each day I use this when I want to plan for a trip or create a social media plan. 

If you do meal planning then you might like this calendar because there’s  enough room to write all (or at least most) of the meals one below the other on each day.

Psst! This one you should be able to easily resize to fit your bullet journal or planner.

Want to get more information and see more pictures about this elegant vertical calendar? Check out this post: 

Stylish and pretty vertical 2020 monthly calendar

Simple & Pretty June 2020 calendars to print out – vertical  (portrait) – Sunday start

Here are cute free horizontal June 2020 calendars in two different pastel color designs. Both monthly calendars are minimal yet quite pretty! 

Psst! I keep all the calendars in my Printables Library. Want to check them out? Learn more about the library here. 

“Pink brush” Sunday-start June 2020 Calendar

You can use this June calendar as a monthly cover page in your planner, budgeting or home management binder or in your bullet journal.

Or you can resize it (and cut it in some pretty shape if needed) and add it anywhere where you need a calendar. 

So here are all the free printable June 2020 calendar designs.

And hey! If I’ve mistakenly added a wrong pdf (or no pdf!) to some link, please let me know about it in the comments and I fix it asap. Thanks!

Hopefully they’ll help you plan your weeks, simplify your tasks, stay organized and succeed on the things that are important to you.

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Looking for some cute, free printable June 2020 calendars? Here are some you might like! Choose your favorite from the pretty calendar designs!