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Looking for cute (and free!) printable calendars? Super! Here you can find links to all the posts with Saturday Gift calendar designs. I hope you’ll like them and find them useful.

Year-at-a-glance 2022-2025 printable calendars

Here are all the year at a glance SaturdayGift calendars for years 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2024. You can find both simple black & white and cute pastel designs. There are calendars that come with holidays and with week numbers. These are perfect when making long-term plans.

Free printable calendars by month

Here you can find my curated collection of my favorite SaturdayGift printable calendars by month. You can find multiple cute designs for each month. Instant downloads. No need to sign up. Yay!

Readers’ favorite printable calendars 2022

These are my readers’ favorites! The Elegant horizontal & vertical calendars. These blank calendars have a lot of room to write down your plans and goals.

Free printable lunar calendar 2022

Here’s a super cute moon phases 2022 calendar. You can find multiple designs – both black & white and pretty pastel ones.

3-month calendars (cute mini planners)

Here you can find links to posts with 3 month calendars. There are 3 month calendars for Q1-Q4 and for each season: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

3-month calendars for Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4

3-month calendars for spring, summer, autumn and winter

Other cute SaturdayGift printable calendars

Here I’ll add other cute SaturdayGift calendars when I create them.

Cute iPhone wallpapers with calendars

Here you can find wallpapers for iPhone with cute calendars. These are perfect for your phone’s home screen.

How to download and print out free printable SaturdayGift calendars

On this page you can find links to all SaturdayGift printable calendar posts where you’ll find the instant links to download the calendar template PDFs.

You can find dated blank calendars (to write your plans) in both horizontal (landscape) as well as vertical (portrait) format.

There are both Sunday-starting calendars as well as Monday-starting ones.

And some calendars come in stylish black & white and some in cute pastel colors!

These are printable gifts! Yay! So you can download as many as you wish (for your personal use only).

So go back up and search the one you’re looking for whether it’s the year-at-a-glance yearly calendar or monthly calendars to create your own planner or place on the fridge door.

I hope you like these free printable calendars as much as I loved creating them for!

Love, Cristina

Images of the printed SaturdayGift calendars

Printable calendar by month for May - Black & White | SaturdayGift
Vertical Black & White “Elegant Calendar”
Printable elegant monthly calendar March, April May Black & White | SaturdayGift
Vertical elegant black and white calendar
Cute Printable August, September, October Pink, blue and beige calendars by month IMG2 | SaturdayGift
Cute calendars in Blue, Pink and Beige
Printable January, February beige calendar by month IMG | SaturdayGift
Elegant beige printable calendar
Printable August, September blue calendar by month IMG | SaturdayGift
Cute light blue SaturdayGift calendar printables
Printable November & December Pink calendar by month IMG | SaturdayGift
Pretty pink calendar printables
Printable November & December calendar by month IMG | SaturdayGift
Black and white version of the cute printable SaturdayGift calendars


Calendars for previous years (2021, 2020 & 2019)

Here you can find printable calendars for previous years: 2021, 2020 & 2019).

Printable calendars 2021

Printable calendars 2020

Printable calendars 2019