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July 2023 Calendar – 9 Cute & FREE Printables

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In need of a pretty (and free!) July 2023 calendar printable? Here are some super cute Saturday Gift calendar designs you might like. 

You’ll love these printable July calendars if you enjoy planning ahead and staying organized with your daily tasks and obligations. They’re perfect for any organizational need.

Cute & Free Printable July Monthly Calendars Featured Collage Image
Collage of Saturday Gift printable July calendars found on this post

Whether it’s an event calendar or a holiday calendar, you can use one of these printables to create one. Or suppose you’ll need a calendar for notes, reminders, appointments, important events, schedules, family birthdays, anniversaries, or other important dates. In that case, you’ll find multiple styles of the printable July calendar designs that help you plan the seventh month of the year.

So print out your favorite blank printable July 2023 calendar template. You can easily download them and create your own monthly calendar by adding public holidays and other events.

You can instantly download these free printable calendar templates from this post, and please feel free to print out as many as you need for your personal use. 

  1. Scroll down until you see your favorite design
  2. The (instant) download link/download button to grab the printable pdf files can be found under each image

Paper size: US letter, but some are resizable (to A4 and other sizes).

Instantly downloadable calendars. Free printables. 

All designs ©SaturdayGift Ltd. For personal use only, not to be copied, distributed, altered, or sold.

The images have my big logo on a pink, beige or blue banner, but the PDFs come without that. I’m not yet offering online calendars, just printables.

Recommendation: To make sure you’re using the proper printer settings for better print results, save the file first to your computer and print it out.

I hope you like them.

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Elegant & aesthetic horizontal July 2023 calendar

Here’s my readers’ favorite calendar design: the elegant black and white calendar in landscape orientation for July. You can find both Sunday-start and Monday-start versions of this design, and it’s easily resizable to fit any planner size. Create a schedule based on your personal preferences and add notes and week numbers.

07 JUL Elegant July 2023 calendar Free Printable Horizontal Landscape Black & White Sunday-Start
July 2023 calendar printable by SaturdayGift

Grab this calendar design for the whole year from this post: Elegant Printable Calendar 2023 by SaturdayGift – Readers’ Favorite

Aesthetic printable blank calendar for July 2023 – portrait orientation

Printable monthly calendar June & July | SaturdayGift

Here are both Sunday-starting and Monday-starting elegant and aesthetic vertical calendars for July. These calendars offer much empty space to your daily schedule.

You can resize these ones to fit your bullet journal, or if you use a home management binder, cleaning binder, or budgeting binder, this calendar is a perfect addition.

So whether you’d like to create a schedule, do some meal planning or write down important events this pretty calendar might come in handy.

07 JUL Elegant July 2023 calendar Free Printable Vertical Portrait Black & White Sunday-Start
July calendar 2023 printable

Grab this calendar design for the whole year from this post: Elegant & Aesthetic Printable Vertical Calendar 2023 by Saturday Gift

Super cute free printable July calendar templates in pastel colors

These free horizontal Sunday-starting (Sunday to Saturday weeks) & Monday-starting (Monday to Sunday weeks) July 2023 blank calendars come in SaturdayGift signature colors: pretty pink, baby blue, and elegant beige.

There’s enough space to write down and track your family’s or your own daily activities.

Pretty pink July printable monthly calendar

07 JUL Cute Printable July 2023 Calendar by Month Pink Vertical Sunday-start
Pretty Pink Vertical July 2023 Calendar

DOWNLOAD: Pretty Pink July 2023 Calendar PDF / SUNDAY-start

DOWNLOAD: Pretty Pink July 2023 Calendar PDF / MONDAY-start

Cute baby blue calendar

07 JUL Cute Printable July 2023 Calendar by Month Blue Vertical Sunday-start
Vertical July 2023 Calendar in Light Blue Color

Elegant beige calendar

07 JUL Cute Printable July 2023 Calendar by Month Beige Vertical Sunday-start
Elegant Beige Vertical July 2023 Calendar

If you don’t like the pink, blue or beige ones, you might like the black & white calendar version I’ve made.

I recommend using a bit heavier paper when printing these so that the pretty pastel colors will print out nicely. I use this HP paper whenever I print my calendars.

Black & White version of the cute calendar for July 2023

And here’s the free black & white version of the cute blank calendar

If you use a bullet journal or a different than US letter-sized planner, you can resize this one to fit your needs.

Print out the calendar and cut it with a straight line cutter or if you have a steady hand then with Fiskars scissors

07 JUL Cute Printable July 2023 Calendar by Month Black & White Vertical Sunday-start
Black & White Vertical July 2023 Monthly Calendar

“Pink Paint” Sunday-start & Monday-start printable July calendar

If you need a cover page for your monthly plans in your planner or bullet journal, you might like this July 2023 calendar. 

You can add it to your home management binder or budget binder or use it as-is whenever you need a calendar at hand.

07 JUL Monthly July 2023 Calendar Sunday Start Pink Paint
“Splash of Pink Paint” July 2023 Calendar

Simple & pretty July 2023 calendars to print out – Vertical (Portrait)

Here are two cute yet simple July 2023 calendar templates for July. You can use them, for example, as school calendars, personal planners, or writing down the employee schedule so you don’t miss a day at work. They come in two different pastel colors. Both of these printable calendar designs are minimal yet quite pretty.

Psst! You can find a monthly goals templates that pair up perfectly with these designs. Grab the free (green) monthly goals template from this post, and the pink monthly goals mini planner here.

07 JUL Green Monthly Goals July 2023 Calendar Vertical Sunday-start
Simple July Calendar in Green

DOWNLOAD: Simple Yet Pretty July 2023 calendar (Green) / SUNDAY-starting weeks

DOWNLOAD: Simple Yet Lovely July 2023 calendar (Green) / Monday-starting weeks

07 JUL Pink Monthly Goals July 2023 Calendar Vertical Sunday-start
Simple July Calendar in Pink

DOWNLOAD: Simple Yet Pretty July 2023 calendar (Pink) / Sunday-starting weeks

DOWNLOAD: Simple Yet Lovely July 2023 calendar (Pink) / Monday-starting weeks

So here are all the available free July 2023 calendar designs. When I create more calendars, I’ll add them here.

I hope you like these printable calendars for the seventh month of the year, and they’ll help you simplify your life and stay organized and productive.

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Major holidays and other important dates in July 2023

Important dates (US National Holiday of Independence Day included) in July:

  • Independence Day (United States – Federal Holiday) – Tuesday, July 4, 2023
  • National Parents’ Day – Sunday, July 23, 2023 – (Observed on the fourth Sunday in July).
  • International Day of Friendship (World friendship day) – Sunday, July 30, 2023)
  • Full moon in July – Monday, July 3, 2023. The full moon in July is called the Buck Moon.

Psst! Check out the dates for the moon phases (new moon, 1st quarter moon, full moon and 3rd quarter moon) from this super cute printable Lunar Calendar

Free Printable Lunar Calendar by SaturdayGift
Cute free printable Lunar calendar

Fun facts about July

  • July Birthstone: Ruby
  • July birth flowers: Larkspur and Water lily.
  • Zodiac signs in July: Cancer and Leo (Cancer is from June 21 to July 22 and Leo from July 23 to August 22)
  • The Latin word for July: Iūlius – named after Julius Caesar.
  • July has 31 days

Psst! Check out this post: The Months of the Year to learn more about the months. Fun fact: July once was the fifth month of the year (in the Roman calendar).

The Knuckle Method - How many days in a month

Tips for using printable calendars

  • Add a monthly reminder to your phone to print out the August calendar printables and print out the 3-month calendar to plan the summer vacation season.
  • If you’re familiar with a pdf editing program, you can use one to type in notes, tasks, obligations, and holidays. This way, the calendar can be easily edited and customized. (Note: You can use my calendar designs this way for personal use only.)

Psst! I don’t yet offer an online calendar, but you can find a lot of wallpapers on my blog. Check out, for example, these super cute (and free) iPhone wallpaper with July Calendars I’ve created. 

Looking for calendars for other months? Super!

All designs can be downloaded and printed for free for personal use.

Looking for pretty (and free!) “Year at a Glance” 12-month yearly calendars?

If you're looking for cute SaturdayGift year-at-a-glance calendar template printables, you can find them from these posts.

TIP: Print out each calendar template on a separate page (and add the monthly calendar sheets), and you can make your own custom calendar/planner.

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Cute & Free Printable July Monthly Calendars Long Pinterest Collage Image
Collage of Saturday Gift Printable Calendars

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