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Complete Summer Planner – 21 Pages – Cute & Free Printables

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Ready to make awesome summer plans? Super! Here’s a cute printable summer planner with 21 pretty pages explicitly designed to help you plan the best summer ever.

Cute & Free Printable Summer Planner by SaturdayGift
Free printable summer planner by SaturdayGift

What’s included in the summer planner?

  • Cover page
  • Goals planner
  • Project planner page
  • Perpetual calendar – 12 weeks on one page
  • 3 Months calendars at a glance (on 1 page)
  • 3 Blank summer monthly calendars
  • Weekly planners (13 pages for 13 weeks)
  • Both Sunday- and Monday-starting weeks.

Please note: You can also find the planner for Southern Hemisphere.

Free printable summer planner pages | SaturdayGift
Summer planner printables – cute templates by SaturdayGift

You can find the download links for the complete planner at the end of this post. 

Paper size: US letter, but resizable (to A4 and other sizes). 

All designs ©SaturdayGift Ltd. For personal use only, not to be copied, distributed, altered, or sold.

Free printable summer planner pages

Here’s what’s inside the printable summer planner.

Download cute & free summer planners

Here are the links to download and print the complete 21-page summer planner.

  • Choose whether you want the planner to have Sunday or Monday as the starting weeks.
  • Depending on where you reside, choose summer months: June, July & August or December, January & February.

DOWNLOAD: Summer Planner SUNDAY-start (Northern Hemisphere) Months: June, July & August

DOWNLOAD: Summer Planner MONDAY-start (Northern Hemisphere) Months: June, July & August

DOWNLOAD: Summer Planner SUNDAY-start (Southern Hemisphere) Months: December, January & February

DOWNLOAD: Summer Planner MONDAY-start (Southern Hemisphere) Months: December, January & February

How to use the planner

1) Download and print the summer planner.

2) Goals planner: Choose three goals that align with your big projects. Write down action steps to reach those goals. 

3) Project planner page: Write your big projects and plans for the summer.

4) Perpetual calendar (list): I love to use this list to write down big events and planned trips. And then I start planning around them. This way, it’s easy to see what’s already coming up and how much free time I have to schedule extra fun stuff.

5) 3-month calendar at a glance: You can use this to write down important dates or plan your projects. 

6) 3 blank monthly calendars: You can use these to make more detailed plans for each month. 

7) Weekly planner: Complete your summer planner with these cute weekly planner pages. Write down the weekly plans, meals, chores, or dailies in this cute and practical weekly planner. There are 13 pages for each week of summer in the summer planner.

Summer planner sheets - cute free printables | SaturdayGift
Free printable summer planner pages

Extra tips

  • Brainstorm summer activities with your kids or spouse or by yourself.
  • Write down a summer bucket list.
  • Write down all the social events you’re planning to attend.
  • Mark down any trips you have planned.
  • Write down time for yourself and self-care activities.
  • Keep track of family, work, home, or school commitments.
  • Be mindful of any budgeting or financial goals.
  • And remember to have fun!

Creating a plan for the summer months ahead can help you make the most of your days.

Happy summer planning!

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Free printable summer planner for seasonal planning - 21 pages | SaturdayGift
Cute & free printable summer planner templates

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    1. Hi Lori, Thank you for your comment and kind words.
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