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How to know if Facebook is your friend or your frenemy | SaturdayGift Unplugged Weekly Column | Inspiration | Out of the box thinking | New mindset | Saturday gift #SaturdayGift

Are your weeks and days always superb, amazing, beautiful, awesome, exciting and full of luxury, vacations and fun things? And are you always happy, energetic and having a party?


Are you human?

According to my Facebook feed I mostly know super-duper-happy people

According to my facebook feed, I mostly know super-duper-happy-people.

Their lives are absolutely fabulous! Fabulous with an awesome filter. Sun is always shining, and they look great. And something crazy-amazing has always happened to them. Every. Single. Time.

And for some reason, it kind of annoys me.

Those posts don’t inspire me nor do I feel happy for them. I mostly feel nothing. Maybe some irritation. And it’s weird.

I’m generally known for not being jealous and always being happy for others. But not on Facebook.

Do I like the post? Not so much.

Do I have to push the like button? Yep. At least every once in a while… just to keep the relationship alive.

The same super-duper-happy people are on my Instagram feed too – but with a different effect

According to my Instagram feed, I mostly know the same super-duper-happy people who travel, cook, organize, clean, decorate, look great, have happy families and are in love with their significant other. They are the same people with similar posts – just on a different platform.

And I love their pictures. I feel so happy for them.

The prettier the picture, the further they travel, the tastier meals they eat, the more gorgeous homes they have – the more happy I get for them.

Yes. More happy. Not happier. That’s how happy and inspired I feel that I don’t even let my favorite free online tool to correct me.

What the heck?! What the fork is going on!?!

What the heck!? How is this possible?

Have you ever noticed this? Or is it just me? (If it’s just me, then please, please, PLEASE let me know about it, and I’ll get some professional help).

But I have a gut feeling that I’m not alone with this thing.

Facebook diet

A little over a year ago I did a months-long Facebook diet. 

I didn’t post anything nor did I check my feed. I only checked the Facebook groups once in a while when needed, and I used the Messenger.

And I was just so happy. No more Facebook friends or foes. Just friends.

I was just so happy without Facebook. I felt so centered and balanced.

I had so much more free time.

When I had a few minutes, I was able to read a chapter of a book or just sit quietly instead of checking my Facebook feed. And the mornings and evenings were especially great. I didn’t start my day with an overwhelming blast of information nor did I activate my brain in the evenings when it was time relax and decompress before going to bed.

And the best part was that when I saw my friends, I had so many things to talk with them because I didn’t already know every single thing about their latest life events.

The immediate results of the Facebook diet were amazing.

The results were incredible.

So incredible that I had to post it on Facebook.

Oops! Well, what can I say? I’m only human.

Have you ever taken or thought about taking some time off from some social media platform? Share in the comments.


I knew it! You’re still wondering what my favorite free online tool is.

Well, it’s Grammarly

It’s like your pocket size old-school English teacher giving you a red mark if you don’t remember where to put those commas. It’s super! And yep! It works on Facebook too.

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How to know if Facebook is your friend or your frenemy | SaturdayGift Unplugged Weekly Column | Inspiration | Out of the box thinking | New mindset | Saturday gift #SaturdayGift