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Free Printable Dot Grid Paper for Bullet Journal – Multiple Sizes

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Looking for free printable dot grid paper for bullet journal or planner? Here are multiple sizes you can instantly download and print out from this post. 

Dot grid paper is perfect for bullet journaling and if you’re worried about using your new bullet journal notebook you can first practice pretty handwriting and making cute drawings using the printable dot grid paper.

It gives you “guide lines” to draw straight lines and create boxes. And because the dots are so light , the dots will get hidden under the ink and you’re left with your beautiful writing and drawings.

Free printable dot grid paper for your bullet journal Pinterest Image | SaturdayGift

Materials I use and recommend

If you need to resize the printable: 

What is dot grid paper and printable dot grid paper?

Dot grid paper or dot paper is a sheet of paper that instead of being blank or having lines or grids on it, it has dots on it. The distance between the dots is usually 0.5 cm, but depending on the dot grid paper you use it can be 0.5 – 1 cm or even more.

The idea is that the dots are equally far from each other both vertically and horizontally.

What is the dot grid paper used for?

When it comes to bullet journaling then dot paper is the best way to go. You don’t have to guess when drawing boxes and lines, because the dots on the paper will guide you. They also help you write the right size fonts and even when you’re drawing pretty images.

What is the printable dot grid paper used for?

You can use the printable dot grid paper for practicing or if you use a discbound planner or a filofax planner then you can create your own bullet journal by printing out the papers, punching the holes in them and adding them to your journal or planner. 

And you can always add the printable dot grid paper to your bullet journal as “extra pages”. 

I like to have my to-do list as a separate sheet and not as a page in my bullet journal. But I don’t want my to-do list look too different from my notebook, so the printable dot grid paper is the way to add an extra page with the same style to your planner.

How to make dot grid paper

You can easily make your own dot grid paper in Google Sheets You can check out my step-by-step tutorial from this post: 

How to create dot grid paper for your bullet journal using Google Sheets

And if you don’t want to make your own, you can find, download and print out the printable dot grid paper in multiple sizes at end of this post. 

Don’t want to make your own?

Download the free printable dot grid paper I’ve made at the end of this post.

Don’t want to print out the dot paper?

There are some good dot grid loose leaf options in Amazon. 

What is a dot grid journal / a dotted notebook

A dot grid journal is a notebook that has dotted grids on each page. These kinds of dotted notebooks are popular among planners and bullet journalers. 

The dots guide you with your drawing and writing and help you create the best journal or planner you can think of. It let’s the artist in you come to life!

You can find my review on the best dot grid bullet journals here: Best Notebooks for Bullet Journaling

How to make your own dot grid notebook

You can easily create your own dot grid notebook by printing out the printable dot grid paper, punching holes in them, and adding them to a discbound planner or to a binder. 

You can find printable dot grid papers in multiple sizes at the end of this post.

What’s the benefit of using dot paper, dotted journal or printable dot paper instead of regular blank or lined paper?

The dots help you create boxes, write cute fonts and draw pretty pictures. You can use a ruler or draw lines with your bare hand. And because the dots are so light on the dotted paper you can barely see them after you’ve created your page to your bullet journal leaving your planner looking pretty and simplified.

If you use a blank notebook for bullet journaling, then you need to use a stencil or be very good at what you do if you want the lines and boxes to be the same size and in line with each other.

And using a regular grid paper or a lined paper will give you guidance but not the variety of choices that dotted paper has. Plus drawing on a line or a grid will not leave your planner look as polished as a dot grid paper will. 

And if you have something you’d like to practice first before adding it to your bullet journal or dot grid notebook, then the printable dot paper is the perfect way to do so. 

The benefits of using dot paper:

  1. Dots give you guidance to create boxes, write cute fonts and draw pretty pictures
  2. The dots are so light and you can barely see them after you’ve created your page leaving your planner looking pretty and polished

Is using a dot grid to draw and write cheating?

Absolutely not!

Bullet journaling is supposed to be fun! And we’re not all Michelangelos!

So whatever helps you to express yourself and to create a bullet journal to plan your days and track your past is THE way to go. 

So please don’t feel bad if you use a dot grid when you draw or write. It’s your bullet journal so make the best of it!

How to start a bullet journal?

If you don’t yet have a bullet journal then starting one is super easy. All you need is a notebook and a pen.

Then you can follow the original tutorial by the original Bullet Journal creators. 

I’m in the making of writing posts about Bullet Journaling for beginners.

I like to use printables on mine because I’m not that artistic when it comes to writing and drawing by hand. Plus I like the benefits of the bullet journal (productivity, planning, tracking, creating new habits, journaling) more than the artistic handdrawn/handwritten creation itself. I leave that to all you talented ones and I’ll just admire your work in Instagram and in the Facebook groups.

And if you’re like me and would love to bullet journal but don’t know how to draw and use pretty fonts when writing, you can still have a pretty planner or a journal by using printables. Check out my Free Printables Library – there are a lot of planner inserts, checklists and calendars you might like!

Download printable dot grid paper

This is how the dot grid paper looks like. Depending which size you’ll download and print out there might more or less dots. 

Click the links under the image to download your preferred size. 

Free printable Dot Grid Paper grey dots | SaturdayGift

Here you can download the dot grid papers in US letter, half-letter, A4, A5 and A6. And the A5 comes also with a margin on the right and margin on the left so if you’d like to use them in your planner and punch holes to them, you can do that without “losing” the dots under the holes. 

You can download and print out as many as you need for your personal use.

DOWNLOAD: Letter Size dotted paper

DOWNLOAD: Half Letter dotted paper

DOWNLOAD: A4 dot grid paper

DOWNLOAD: A5 dot grid paper

DOWNLOAD: A6 dot grid paper

DOWNLOAD: A5 dotted paper with the margin on the left

DOWNLOAD: A5 dotted paper with the margin on the right

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I hope you find these printable dot grid papers useful!

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Free printable dot grid paper for your bullet journal Pinterest Image | SaturdayGift

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