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Cute (& Free!) Printable Year at a Glance 2022 Calendar (pretty pastel dots)

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Looking for cute year at a glance 2022 printable calendars? Super! Here’s one design you might like! Instant download. No sign-up needed. #printablegift

Today’s gift is a printable one-page 2022 calendar. It’s pretty AND practical and the best part is that it’s free!

2022 Year at a glance calendar Cute dots pink, beige and green by SaturdayGift
Pretty pastel year on one page calendars (pink, beige and green)

Don’t you just love how easy it is to make long-term plans when you’re able to see the whole year on one page instead going back and forth your planner or calendar.

This year on one-page calendar 2022 is a perfect addition to your letter-size planner or you can use it as.

Or you can do what I do and frame it.

Which paper to use for printing? I recommend using a bit thicker paper when printing this if you use it as wall art. This is my favorite paper (HP Premium 32 paper) – it’s just perfectly white and bright and I like it even better than some of the thicker, more pricey papers!

How to use a year-at-a-glance calendar

A year at a glance calendar is a perfect addition to your planner or binder or you can use it as is.

It’s great when you need to plan (for example):

  • long term goals
  • vacations
  • trips
  • parties
  • or make any other long-term plans

So if you enjoy being organized, plan ahead, and create schedules it’s always good to have a calendar at hand. And it doesn’t hurt if it’s cute as well!

This is helpful when placed on your fridge door or in your budget or home management binder.

Or do as I do – frame it and make wall art out of it and place it close to your desk so that you can always take a quick look at it when needed.

2022 Year at a glance calendar Cute green dots by SaturdayGift
Cute year at a glance calendar 2022 in frame

You can print out as many as you need of these “pretty dots” one-page calendars for your personal use. 

How to download and print out this cute year-on-one-page calendar

This year-on-one-page calendar 2022 comes in three different colors: pretty pink, elegant beige, and gorgeous green. You can find the download links under each image and save the files to your computer and print out the calendar.

All calendars are ©SaturdayGift Ltd. For your personal use only. Not to be copied, distributed, altered, or sold

And the printables come, of course, without the my logo on the banner.

2022 Yearly Calendar - Pretty Pastel Dots pink 2022 Printable calendar - Sunday-start
Pink aesthetic year at a glance calendar 2022
2022 Yearly Calendar - Pretty Pastel Dots beige 2022 Printable calendar - Sunday-start
Elegant beige year at a glance calendar 2022
2022 Yearly Calendar - Pretty Pastel Dots green 2022 Printable calendar - Sunday-start
Cute green year at a glance calendar 2022

And hey! Check out also this black and white year at a glance calendar from this post: Minimal one page calendar 2022 

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