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How to Set Quarterly Goals (Q2) – 5 Steps for Goal Setting Success

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Ready to set goals for the second quarter of the year? Super! Here are 5 steps for goal success and the pretty productivity pack for Q2.

When you set goals, a month might be just a bit too short a time to get something bigger done.

On the other hand, for some goals, a year is a bit too long of a time.

But please don’t get me wrong, it’s important to have both yearly AND monthly goals. But between those, I also like to plan quarterly.

And if you’re not yet doing it, I absolutely recommend you try it! It can take your goals setting (and achieving!) to a whole another level!

Pretty printable productivity pack for Q2 to set and achieve your goals

Three months is the perfect time period to start bigger projects and actually finish them, so I like to use this simple 5 -step system when planning in three month/12-week cycles.

It’s my favorite planning and goal setting method:

  1. Assess your life
  2. Choose your focus
  3. Set three goals
  4. Outline a plan
  5. And after the 3 months have passed, reflect on life.

And during the second quarter (Q2) of the year, it’s time to rock April, May, and June, and set and achieve some awesome goals before the summer!

Q2 pretty printable productivity pack

And the way to do that there are 5 printables I like to use:

  1. Q2 Wheel to Assess Your Life
  2. Q2 Focus Worksheet
  3. Q2 Goal Setting Sheet
  4. Q2 Mini Planner
  5. Q2 Reflection Sheet

And you can find all of them from these posts I’ve listed here!

They’re printable gifts! So click to the post, grab the printable, read the instructions, and make these next three months the best quarter yet!

Q2 Monthly Calendars

Here you can find all the cute SaturdayGift calendars for April, May, and June.

You can print out as many as you need for your personal use! So use one design for your work and another one for your personal planning.

They're also perfect for your budget or home management binder for any other planning needs, and they might even work well as a wall calendar on your home command center!

Looking for pretty and productive printables for other quarters? Super!

Check out these cute (& free!) 3-month printable packs for Q1, Q2, Q3 & Q4:

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5 simple steps to goal success - Pretty printable productivity pack for Q2 to set and achieve your goals

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