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18 Fun & Super Cute Gifts For Your Best Friends

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Looking for awesome gifts for friends? Here are some super cute, affordable, and well-thought-out gifts your best friends are going to love!

Even though you know your best friend maybe better than anyone else and she shares everything with you, sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect gift that’ll show her how important she is to you! So I put together an awesome list of gifts for friends so that you can get more ideas and find the perfect one that your besties will love!

These gift ideas for friends are so cute, fun and amazingly awesome yet affordable! I hope you’ll find the perfect gift for your best friend amongst them! 

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1. Best friends are Sisters by Heart

Best friends are like sisters! And even though you’re not sisters by blood you’re sisters by heart. And what’s a better gift idea for your best friend than letting her know that every time she’ll take a sip from this cute tumbler!

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2. BlankieGram for your best friend

Gift this “soft embrace with inspirational words” to your bestie! This I Love You throw blanket is the perfect gift idea for your friend who loves to curl up on the corner of the sofa to read a book or to binge-watch Netflix. 

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3. Gifts for Friends – Friendship Jar

Gift this cute jar full of positive and motivating quotations for your best friends and make them happy for 31 days!

What would be a better gift for your friend than jar full of good vibes and happiness! 

Have a sneak peek of the quotes inside this friendship jar from Amazon. 

4. Gifts for friends – Aroma Diffuser Bracelet

Does your bestie love essential oils? She’d love this!

She can add her favorite essential oil on this pretty aroma diffuser bracelet and be surrounded by the charming and  pleasant aroma for the whole day! And because it comes with a cute gift box you’re all set! 

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5. Why you’re my bestie – fill in the blanks

Fill in the blanks and you have an awesome, unique and personalized gift for your friend! Get creative and let your friends know why they’re your besties.

Not a fan of this version? No problem!

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6. Funny wine coasters set + holder

If your friend loves wine then she’ll LOVE these funny wine coasters! Perfect for keeping the tabletops free of glass rings while bringing smiles every time they’re used.

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7. I wrote a book about you! (No, really, I did! – you’re holding it)

Give a gift with a personal touch to your best friend.

Fill in the blanks to the simple yet meaningful prompts and in less than an hour your unique gift is ready to bring joy to your friend. 

Go to Amazon and take a peek inside the book. 

8. Box sign to your bestie

What is the better gift to your best friend than telling her that she’s the peanut to your butter! This 6×6 inch box sign would look super cute on your friend’s desk and can remind her there every day how important she is to you!

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9. Gifts For Friends – You’re my person <3

Who wouldn’t want to get a gift that says “You’re My Person” on it! 

This super cute AND dishwasher safe glass can bring your favorite person so much joy!

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10. Jewelry dish – if friendships were flowers 

“If friendships were flowers I’d pick you.”

Can you think of a better way to tell your friends they’re awesome! Well maybe with jewelry… but this is the second best option 😀 

Check out all the different quote choices you can have on this jewelry dish from Amazon. 

11. Fun Dish Towel – Everything I ever wanted in a friend 

I don’t know if a dish towel is going to be a great gift idea, but I absolutely love this one! It’s so funny!

“You drink too much, you cuss too much, you have questionable morals… you are everything I ever wanted in a friend!”

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12. Makeup case – best friend definition 

This cute make up case is made out of natural linen cotton and has the “definition” of best friend on it. 

“Best friend [noun] – a close friend who means the world to you and hold a very special place in your heart. they are always there for you, and you for them.” 

That’s pretty accurate!

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13. Best friends wine tumbler

This tumbler says it how it is 😀 

“We are best friends because everyone else sucks.”

Your friends are going to LOVE this gifts! Or at least they’re going to laugh their hearts out when they open the wrapping!

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14. Tile Art – best friends are hard to find

“Best friends are hard to find cuz the very best one is already mine.”

How awesome would it be to see this every day on your wall! And your best friend’s heart is going to melt when she receives this from you!

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15. DIY Exploding gift box – Gift Awesome DIY gifts for friends

This is an awesome DIY gift!

Get this exploding gift box and create a unique and personal gift to your best friend by adding pictures, stickers, little gifts and notes in it.

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16. Gifts for friends – Bohemian Wrap Bracelet (handmade yet affordable)

This will make a gorgeous gift for your friend!

And even though it’s handmade and has gorgeously unique design it surprised me how affordable it is!

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17. Key chain – best friend

Want to gift some small but so cute and meaningful! 

Get this key chain and keep one yourself and gift the other one to your bestie.

“Side by side or miles apart. Best friends like us stay close in heart.” 

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18. best friend gifts – Instant camera for instant fun!

Want to go all the way and be the one gifting the absolutely best gift ever to your best friend? 

She’ll fall in LOVE with this Instax Mini instant camera! 

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I hope this list of gift ideas for friends can help you find the perfect gift for your best friend.

Didn’t find a good option from this list of gifts for friends? No worries!

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