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DIY Christmas Gift Ideas – Cute & Affordable Gifts You Can Easily Make Yourself

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With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to remember your friends and loved ones with awesome gifts. And if you want to make it extra special, why not make them yourself. Here you can find a few cute & affordable DIY gift ideas your loved ones will appreciate.

Creative flair and imagination are a great alternative to purchasing expensive, store-bought presents. And if you want some great ideas to get started, here are a few options for inexpensive Christmas presents.

5 DIY Gift ideas you can easily make yourself

1. DIY beauty gifts: natural body care gifts

Did you know that you can make your own beauty products from the ingredients found in your kitchen! Think how much fun it would be to give something like specialty body scrubs, bath teas, and soaks, face masks, and lotion bars. 

And my fellow-blogger, Stacy from No Fuss Natural/Natural Body Care Club, has created a free workshop where you can learn how to do these amazing DIY beauty gifts!

Top Pick
Natural Body Care Gifts Workshop

This is super exciting!

Stacy at No-Fuss Natural/Natural Body Care Club offers a FREE WORKSHOP where you can learn how to make quick and easy gift-worthy natural beauty products.

In the workshop, you'll learn how to make

* Specialty body scrubs

* bath teas and soaks

* face masks

* and lotion bars!

These beautiful homemade gifts could be perfect for friends, family, teachers, and neighbors.


2. DIY gift idea: Personalized Coupons

While coupons might be a little childish, I still love them! And even though the idea might be more suitable for a child, the concept works for an adult, too. And personalized coupons can make an awesome extra gift for your loved one.

Cut coupons from a thicker paper and write on them what you’d like to gift.

Or print out these cute Love Coupons I’ve made. They’re perfect for Valentine’s Day or birthdays, but you can definitely use them as stocking stuffers or give as an extra Christmas gift.

Want to create a cute extra gift for your loved one? Super! Download the Book of Love Coupons {free printables} and gift this fun & lovely coupon book to the one you love.

You can print them out from the post I wrote, and choose the ones you’d like to gift and add extras and make a pretty coupon book. 

Download ready-made coupons from this post: Create a Book of Love Coupons for your loved one

Tip: If you have a specific skill or trade, like painting, or landscaping, or if you’re an awesome organizer or your friends admire something you’re good at, then here’s what you could do. For instance, a fun and much-appreciated gift could be a coupon for a free afternoon of indoor or outdoor painting or a helping hand around the house.

3. Semi-DIY gift idea: Create a photo album or a collage

This one works especially well for family members. Creating a memorable photo album is a great way to say, “I love you,” while not seeming too trite or cheap.

DIY Photo Album / Scrapbook with A Metallic Pen

Collect all the best memories and add them to this pretty photo album/scrapbook and gift it to your loved one.

Write little messages and notes on the pages to make it extra special!

Check Color Choices Buy from Amazon.com

Or buy a pretty frame and create a collage by adding your favorite family photos to it. 

Wood Photo Frame for Wall Decor by Love-KANKEI

This minimal yet pretty wood frame comes with 30 "clothespins" and 5 twine cords so you can create a unique and beautiful gift for your loved one.

Add photos, notes to go with this gift to make it extra special.

And you can even leave a few spots empty and say that those spots are meant for the future events and fun things you're going to do together!

Check Price Buy from Amazon

And if you get this beautiful wood frame that comes with 30 “clothespins” and 5 twine cords so you can create a unique and beautiful gift for your loved one. Add photos and notes to go with it to make it extra special and you can even leave a few spots empty and say that those ones are reserved for the future fun things you’re going to do together!

Cherish Every Memory Photo Collage by Malden International Designs

Add your photos and notes to this beautiful frame and cherish every memory by gifting it to your loved one.

Check Price

4. Make candy or bake cookies – home-made diy gift idea

Christmas is the perfect time to give sweets as a gift, and while making them can be time consuming and materials can sometimes be costly, who wouldn’t love and appreciate getting homemade sweets as a gift.

I’ll add here later some links to home-made sweets and cookies recipes from my fellow bloggers.

5. Build a gingerbread house with the little ones

As said above, giving sweets for Christmas is never a bad idea, and creating a gingerbread house is a fun way to go about doing that.

And if you want to avoid the stress and mess of baking and assembling the gingerbread house, you can skip straight to the fun part, decorating, by grabbing a pre-baked and pre-assembled gingerbread house kit.

Gingerbread House Decorating Kit - Pre-Baked & Pre-Assembled

Make creating a gingerbread house super easy and fun!

This pre-assembled gingerbread house lets you skip the hassle of baking and go straight to the fun part: decorating.

All decorations - candies, and white ready-to-use icing - are included so you're all set to start having fun decorating this cute gingerbread house with the little ones.

Check Price Buy from Amazon.com

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5 DIY Gift ideas you can easily make yourself

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