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How to buy the right (and perfect!) thing every single time Pinterest Image

Learn how to spend your money on only the things you really want and need? You know, the perfect things, not the ones you later regret.

Want to just always buy the perfect things that don’t rock your budget, will compliment you and always bring you joy? 

Want to be sure to never again spend on anything you would later regret? 

Shopping doesn’t have to be excess or restricted. (It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of buy-nothing challenges).

These are the top five must-ask questions to never buy anything you’d later regret and always buy the perfect thing. Every.Single. Time. 

The 5 questions (you must ask to buy the perfect thing) are:

There are 5 awesome questions you can ask when you’re thinking about buying something. You don’t have to ask them all. You can choose the one that resonates with you.

1. Is it going to be your next favorite thing?

Is it just perfect? 

Do you absolutely love it?

Is it going to be your next favorite thing? 

I don’t buy anything anymore that isn’t just perfect. I rather buy the perfect thing at a normal price than something mediocre or “just fine” that is on sale. 

It has to be perfect. 

If it’s not, I’ll leave it in the store for someone else to buy.

Note. You and only you know what perfect means to you. Don’t let others define your perfect. 

2. Do you want to use it or wear it immediately?

Do you want to show it to everyone? Do you want everyone to see it?

I don’t go show things immediately to everyone but I like to think this way to understand the specialness, pride and status that things give you.

Materialistic? Maybe.

But very effective when it comes to buying quality things instead of junk.

3. Could you pay it with cash if needed?

This is the easiest question to understand your budget. 

I don’t think it’s practical or even relevant anymore to pay everything with cash, but this question (when answered honestly) gives you the understanding of your money.

4. Is it going to bring you joy after 3 weeks?

Would you see yourself wearing and using it after some time?

Is it going to complement or compete with your favorite things that you already have?

If you buy something that is only for short-term, or you buy it because of its’ cheap price it might not end up being one of your most liked and used things. 

And it won’t bring you joy after some time. 

You might even end up decluttering it after a very short time. #konmari 

So do yourself a favor and leave it in the store. 

And continue your shopping expedition and look for jewels not tools. 

5. Would you give it as a gift?

This is THE question of all questions. 

When you buy gifts you tend to put some extra thought into the buying process. 

What does the receiver like? Which colors? Which style? Which quality? 

What do they value? 

What would they need or want? 

The best way, in my opinion, is to think of each thing you buy as a gift. A gift to yourself. A me-gift. And leave the bad quality ugly things in the sales-baskets to the store. 

You don’t want them anyway.

And choose one gift. Not gazillion. One. And make it a good one.

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How to buy the right (and perfect!) thing every single time Pinterest Image
How to buy the right (and perfect!) thing every single time Pinterest Image