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40+ Ideas To Track In Your Daily Habit Tracker {+Free Printable}

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Want to get new ideas for your daily habit tracker? Super! Here’s over 40 of them + a cute habit tracker printable

Today’s gift is a printable daily habit tracker. 

To have and use one is an amazing and super easy way to boost your productivity and to keep up with those small but important daily things that will upgrade your life.

This printable is a cute addition to your letter-size planner or resize it to fit your bullet journal.

Or use it as-is. Keep it on your fridge or somewhere else you can easily see and access it. Track your daily habits with the habit tracker and you’ll be surprised how fast you’ll pick up a new habit.

I hope you like it! 

But first let’s go through how to set up a daily habit tracker and what kind of things you can track with one.

Psst! You can download the printable daily habit tracker at the end of this post.

Daily habit tracker Pinterest Image

What is a daily habit tracker?

Daily habit tracker is a sheet of paper or a page in you planner where you track things you’d like to do and accomplish daily. 

Note that the habit tracker is not only for the things you do or would like to do every single day. You can also track things that occur every other day or a few times a week.

Here’s an example how a your tracker could look like:

Pink daily habit tracker printable

How to set up a daily habit tracker

Setting up your habit tracker is super simple:

  1. Choose your method: printable, sheet of paper, bullet journal, planner or a page/a spread in your notebook
  2. Draw lines for your habits and create up to 31 little boxes next to it
  3. Choose the daily habits you’d like to track (check out the 40+ ideas I’ve written on this post or create your own).

If you’d like to create your own daily habit tracker, the simplest way is to  just to take a sheet of paper where you draw lines and write the daily habit you’d like to track. And next to the line you’ll draw boxes for each day of the month (for example in March you’ll have 31 boxes).

You can also use a page (or a spread) in your notebook or bullet journal  to keep track on your daily habits.

Or you can skip this step and just print the free daily habit tracker printable at the end of this post and start immediately.

Extra tip #1: Use the paper as landscape (not portrait) because there’s going to be up to 31 little boxes for each day. If you use a notebook you can also use a whole spread (not just one page) to create your habit tracker. 

Extra tip #2: If you’d like to create the tracker on your notebook or bullet journal then start writing the numbers from the last day (31st) and work your way to the beginning so you’ll definitely have enough dates if by chance you miscalculated (I did that and had to do it all over again!).

Extra tip #3: And it’s ok if someday you don’t succeed with your daily goal. There’s always the next day. As long as you don’t give up! Week after week and month after month you’ll see results and you can feel good about yourself.

Green daily habit tracker printable

How to do the tracking with your daily habit tracker

To track your daily habits is easy. If you’ve done your daily habit you’ll color the box for that day. Simple as that! 

Or if you’re not a big fan of coloring, a simple check mark or a big X will do!

You can color code your topics and habits or you can create an elegant black and white daily habit tracker. Either way, the most important thing is to follow through.

And you can track anything with your daily habit tracker. And I mean anything!

I’ve written 40+ ideas you can track in your daily habit tracker. But don’t start tracking all of them. Choose the ones that you really want to concentrate on and start with a few. 

The idea of the tracker is for you to try to form a habit, so there’s no need to track things that come naturally for you like sleeping or waking up. But you can track those nights you got 8 hours of sleep or those mornings you woke up before 6 am if those are some habits you’d like to have.

And entering your daily habits to your tracker is already one habit you can track!

Daily Habit Tracker Free Printables Featured IMG | SaturdayGift

40+ ideas to track in your daily habit tracker

Here are some ideas you can track in your bullet journal habit tracker or your printable one:


1. Waking up at a certain time (like 5 am or 6 am – and on weekends at 8 am)

2. Going to bed at a certain time (like before 10 pm – and on weekends before 12 am)

3. Enough sleep (like sleeping 7-8 hours a night)

4. Didn’t hit the snooze button


5. No rush/on time everywhere

6. Relaxing/me-time 

7. Buying something nice for yourself

8. Journaled


9. Taking vitamins

10. Taking medication

11. No symptoms (if you have some illness you’d like to track)

12. Your period

13. No pimples

14. Flossed

15. Exercising

16. Stretching

17. Meditating

Healthy eating:

18. Water consumption

19. No treats/no snacking

20. No soda/no coffee/no alcohol

21. Healthy breakfast

22. Ate enough fruit and vegetables

23. Calorie intake below your target

Eating in / eating out:

24. Eating out (so you can track how many times you eat out and cut back if it’s too much)

25. Bought a coffee from a coffee shop (so you can track how many times you do that and cut back if it’s too much)

26. Cooking at home

27. Family ate together


28. Taking a small (or a big!) step towards your goal or dream

29. Working on your project/hobby

30. Learning something new (like tracking an e-course you’re taking)

31. Studying on a new language (small exercises that you can do each day, like learning 3 new words)

32. Read a book

33. Follow up a challenge your participating in

Cleaning, decluttering & organizing

34. Clean kitchen/empty sink before going to bed

35. Declutted/organed/cleaned

36. Decluttered at least one item (if you’re doing a decluttering project)

37. Empty email inbox / Inbox zero achieved

Digital life

38. Watching tv less than a certain amount of time (like watch tv less than 1,5 hours)

39. Put your cellphone away in the evening 1 hour before you went to bed or kept the phone/computer/electronics out of the bedroom

40. Using social media less than a certain amount of time (like use social media less than 1,5 hours a day). Psst! There are apps and functions in your phone to see how much you actually spend time on social media.

41. No instagram/no Facebook/no Pinterest/no Twitter

42. Posted on instagram/posted on Facebook/Pinned on Pinterest/Tweeted

43. No games (like candy crush or other games on your phone)


44. Watered plants

45. Didn’t gossip (read or told)

46. Left work on time

47. Bible study, praying

48. Date night/quality time with your significant other

49. No buy -challenge (I’m not a big fan of these buy nothing -challenges. I believe that it’s always good to try achieve balance – with shopping too. That’s why instead of restricting myself too much I buy myself something on Saturdays as my Saturday gift and I make it very special. Less stuff, but more quality. And many times I don’t need or want anything so my Saturday gift is an experience or a nice self-care moment.

50. And yes! You can track if you used your habit tracker! 

What are your top 3 things you track (or would like to track) in your daily habit tracker? Share in the comments!

How to download the printable Daily Habit Tracker

You can download these habit trackers by clicking the download link under each image. These are printable gifts! So please feel free to print out as many as you need for your personal use.

Pink printable daily habit tracker

DOWNLOAD: Printable Habit Tracker “Rose Gold” PDF

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Green printable daily habit tracker

DOWNLOAD: Printable Habit Tracker “Ocean blue” PDF

© SaturdayGift Ltd. For personal use only, not to be copied, distributed, altered or sold.

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40+ ideas to track in your daily habit tracker + free printable daily habit tracker.

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