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How To use a Daily Habit Tracker (or Make One to Your Bullet Journal)

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Want to form new good habits that stick? Add a daily habit tracker in your bullet journal or use a printable one to follow your progress.

Daily Habit Tracker Free Printables Featured IMG | SaturdayGift
Daily habit tracker printable

Whether you want to break bad habits or create new routines that serve you better, this habit tracker is a great place to start.

Not everything has to be done digitally – I prefer a printable tracker over a habit tracker app. And the best part is that a habit tracker helps you stay motivated. It’s a visual tool that allows you to see the progress of your daily, weekly, and monthly habits.

It’s all about progress not perfection, so remember to celebrate each small win, because those add up, right?

Psst! And make sure to check out the free printable habit tracker at the end of this post. It’s a great way to keep yourself accountable and on track. Just print it out, fill in your habits for the day, and check them off as you go.

What is a habit tracker?

A habit tracker is a sheet of paper or a page in your planner or bullet journal where you track things you’d like to do and accomplish daily. 

Note that the habit tracker is not only for the things you have on your to-do list or would like to do every day. You can also track things that occur every other day or a few times a week.

How to set up a simple habit tracker

Setting up your habit tracker is super simple:

  1. Choose your method: a printable tracker, sheet of paper, bullet journal, planner, or a page/a spread in your notebook
  2. Draw lines for your habits and create up to 31 little boxes next to it
  3. Choose the daily routines you’d like to track (Check out these 50+ habits to track I’ve listed on this post).

If you’d like to create your own daily habit tracker, the simplest way is to just take a sheet of paper where you draw lines and write the daily habit you’d like to track. And next to the line, you’ll draw boxes for each day of the month (for example, in March, you’ll have 31 boxes).

You can also use a page (or a spread) in your notebook or bullet journal to keep track of your daily habits.

Or, if you’re new to tracking habits, you can skip this step and just print out a free habit tracker printable and start immediately.

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Habit tracker ideas and bullet journal layouts
Habit tracker ideas

Extra tips for habit tracking

Extra tip #1: Use the paper as landscape (not portrait) because there will be up to 31 little boxes for each day. If you use a notebook, you can also use a whole spread (not just one page) to create your habit tracker. 

Extra tip #2: If you’d like to create the tracker in your notebook or bullet journal, start writing the numbers from the last day (31st) and work your way to the beginning. This way, you’ll definitely have enough space for all the dates if, by chance, you miscalculated (I did that and had to do it all over again!).

Extra tip #3: And it’s ok if someday you don’t succeed with your daily goal. It’s all about progress, not perfection. There’s always the next day. So don’t give up. Week after week and month after month, you’ll see results and feel good about yourself.

How to do the tracking with your daily habit tracker

To track your daily habits is easy. If you’ve made your daily habit, you’ll color the box for that day. Simple as that! 

Or if you’re not a big fan of coloring, a simple checkmark or a big X will do!

You can color-code your topics and habits or create an elegant black and white daily habit tracker. Either way, the most important thing is to follow through.

The idea of the tracker is for you to try to form a habit, so there’s no need to track things that come naturally for you, like sleeping or waking up. But you can track those nights you got 8 hours of sleep or those mornings you woke up before 6 am if those are some habits you’d like to have.

And entering your daily habits into your tracker is already one habit you can track!

How many habits should you track?

Start only with a few. Or even with only one.

If the habits are stackable, then you can add more.

You want to track enough habits to see results and feel good about your accomplishments, but not too many that it becomes overwhelming.

Remember that you can always start small and then increase the number of daily habits you track as you get used to the system.

It takes time to form a new habit, whether it’s something big like losing weight or something easier to accomplish like taking your vitamins each day.

Free printable habit tracker – monthly habit tracker printable

A printable monthly tracker is a perfect addition to your planner or bullet journal. Here are two simple habit tracker printables you can download from this post.

Psst! And if you go to this post, you can find 43 other cute & free printable habit tracker designs).

All printables © SaturdayGift Ltd. For personal use only, not to be copied, distributed, altered or sold.

Pink printable daily habit tracker
Printable daily habit tracker (Pretty Pink)

DOWNLOAD: Printable Habit Tracker “Rose Gold” PDF

Green printable daily habit tracker
Printable monthly habit tracker (Ocean blue)

DOWNLOAD: Printable Habit Tracker “Ocean blue” PDF

Other cute & free habit tracker printables

I’ve also made SO many other pretty habit tracker printables you can find in this post: 43 cute & free printable habit trackers.

There are so many habit tracker layouts to choose from: monthly habit trackers, weekly habit trackers, mini habit trackers, bullet journal habit tracker inspired printables, circular habit trackers… So you can find the best habit tracker for your needs.

Grab cute & free habit tracker printables: Check out these habit trackers I’ve created (and grab your favorite): 43 cute & free habit tracker printables

Monthly habit tracker
Habit tracker printables


The habit tracker is a great way to keep track of your daily habits, good or bad.

You can use it to help you form new and better habits, and by keeping track of your progress, you’ll be more likely to stick with them.

The bujo habit tracker is simple to set up, and the printables are easy to use, so there are no excuses why you shouldn’t be able to form new habits in no time.

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Monthly habit tracker
Habit tracker printables

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Habit tracker ideas and bullet journal layouts
Habit tracker ideas
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21/90 rule to form good habits
How to break a habit and how long does it take - featured image for blog post
How to break a habit

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Quotes about habits - inpirational habits quotes Featured Image
Quotes about habits

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Cute printable habit tracker

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  1. Love this idea of a daily habit tracker. It seems similar to writing up a daily goals list. I will usually write up my daily goals and check them off as I go along. But I can see that the difference is that the habit tracker is more for things that you want to change into a habit and not for just goals. Thank you for sharing this idea

  2. These are some really great ideas! I’m about to go print out a habit tracker now! A colleague of mine at work did that, and I honestly didn’t see the need for it, but after reading this I think it could be really helpful in my life 🙂 Thanks!

  3. This is such a great idea! I have used an Excel spreadsheet for years now to track what I do each day i.e. exercise, hours worked, now what I accomplish on my blog, travel days, etc. I love the printable you created and see great value in it. I especially love your list of 40 things to think about tracking. There are activities on there that I normally don’t think about paying attention to. Thanks!

  4. I love all your stuff! This is great, I’m totally on board to do some habit tracking this year. Loved all the suggestions of things to track.

  5. Thank you for the list of ideas to track, and I like your Tracker printable. It is so pretty and simple. One request, if you ever update the printable, could you add boxes above the numbers so we can add a letter for the day of the week? Thanks again for the list and printable.

    1. Hi Sylvia,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I’m so happy to hear you like the ideas to track and the printable.

      And what a great idea to update the printable and add boxes above the numbers so that one can add the letter of the day to go with the “number” of the day. I’d love to do that! I’ll see when I can make a new habit tracker or update this one, but I’ll put in on my love-to-do list immediately! And thank you again for your kind words and for this idea!

      – Cristina | SaturdayGift.com

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