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5-Minute Decluttering Bingo – 12 Things to Declutter Fast

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Welcome to 5-minute decluttering bingo! These 12 quick and easy tasks can help you feel productive and accomplished in just a few minutes. 

5-minute decluttering bingo - 12 things to declutter fast | SaturdayGift
5-minute decluttering bingo – 12 things to declutter fast

Here are a few things you can do in 5 (to 10) minutes to make you feel accomplished and productive, even though you may not have done much.

Do all of them, or choose one or two to start with. 

You can set a timer to 5 minutes and see how far you get.

Want to make this a game? Check out the printable gift at the end of this post! 

1. Clean Out Wallet/Purse

This is an excellent 5-minute decluttering task. Remove receipts, old cards, and unnecessary items from your wallet or purse. It’ll make finding things easier and streamline your everyday life. 

2. Review Paid Subscriptions and Memberships

Review the subscriptions and memberships you have. Cancel those you no longer use or need. It streamlines expenses and reduces digital clutter. Remember, you can always cancel for a few months and see if you miss it. And if you do, start it again. 

3. Unsubscribe from Unwanted Emails

The same thing goes for email subscriptions. Take a few minutes to unsubscribe from newsletters or promotional emails you no longer wish to receive. It declutters your inbox. 

This is advice I give even for my own newsletter subscribers. Of course, I don’t want them to, but I recommend unsubscribing even from my Saturday Letter if receiving it doesn’t make them feel happy or they don’t like the tips and printable gifts. 

4. Rearrange your Hangers

This is an old decluttering tip, but it’s just SO good not to put it here. Start by turning all your hangers backward. Then, whenever you wear an item of clothing, hang it back the right way. By doing this, you can assess whether you’ve worn everything in your wardrobe after a few months or at the end of the season. 

5. Check Expiry Dates (Pantry)

This is another excellent, super easy decluttering tip to see instant results. Go through your pantry items. Dispose of expired items and note items nearing expiration for use. 

6. Check Smoke Detectors

This is not a decluttering tip, but making this a monthly or quarterly habit is smart. Test smoke detectors and replace batteries if needed. It’s a quick safety measure for your home. 

7. Remove Unnecessary Apps from your Phone

Go through your phone and delete any unused apps. It frees up storage space, declutter your home screen, and makes your phone run more efficiently. Don’t spend too much time on this. Even removing a few apps will help keep your phone more organized. And remember that you can always download the app again if needed later.

8. Toss Expired Cosmetics

Go through your makeup and skincare products and toss any expired items. 

9. Toss Expired Medications

Medications have expiration dates just like cosmetics. Take a few minutes to go through your medicine cabinet and safely dispose of expired medications. This way, you also don’t think you have some medication left that you don’t have (because it was expired). Make sure to dispose of the medications properly. You might need to take them to the pharmacy. 

10. Organize Bathroom Cabinet

Take a look at your bathroom cabinet and organize it.

  1. Toss empty containers, expired products, or items you no longer use.
  2. Make a note of what you have and move them to the front so you’ll remember to use them.
  3. Restock what you may need.

11. Organize Your Bedside Table

Take a few minutes to organize your bedside table by removing clutter and only keeping essentials like a book, water bottle, and hand cream. This can create a peaceful and relaxing space for winding down at the end of the day.

12. Set Up a Donation Bag/Box

Have a designated bag or a box for items you want to donate. Add to it as you come across things you no longer need.

Bonus: 5-Minute Decluttering Bingo (Printable)

Try the 5-minute decluttering bingo, or create a decluttering jar.

Get your hands on the 5-minute decluttering bingo printable and start crossing off tasks as you complete them. 

Reward yourself with a well-deserved gift once you’ve accomplished a row or the entire chart!

Alternatively, you can cut squares and place them in a jar. 

When you have 5 minutes to spare, randomly select one and tackle the corresponding task.

5-Minute Decluttering Bingo Printable | SaturdayGift
5-minute decluttering bingo (printable)

DOWNLOAD: 5-minute decluttering bingo printable

That’s it! Happy decluttering!

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