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How To Fire Your Inner Crazy Buyer Right Now

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Who does decisions when you buy things? Is it your inner crazy buyer or a smart & savvy spender? If it’s the former, then you’re reading the right post!

Do you recognize your inner crazy buyer?

You know, the one who is a shopaholic, a saveaholic or a saleaholic.

 The one that restricts you with frugality, demands you to do no-buys or makes you buy too much. 

The one that sees a sale and goes wild.

 The one that makes you pay for the consequences – the consequences like dealing with the clutter at home, using your valuable time on maintaining your things and working hard to pay for everything.

Our inner crazy buyer doesn’t provide us balance, so maybe she should be fired. Yes! Fire that person. Fire your inner crazy buyer!

But before that can be done, we need to dig deeper to understand more about our inner crazy buyer so that you can say goodbye to it once and for all. 

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There’s no happy ending with your inner crazy buyer

Wouldn’t you love to go to a shopping mall and know for sure that you’ll end up buying only what you need and can afford? 

Nothing more – nothing less. 

No advertisement or sale would distract you. You’d be focused and motivated to stay on your budget. You would always find the best price and quality

And at home you would have a dedicated place already looked for for the things you bought and some of your old things (which used their purpose) would go out the door

And you and your things would live happily ever after.

But does it really go that way?

Back to reality

Instead of the fairytale shopping you buy – soon to be your 11th – handbag because it’s on sale.  And the good smelling – way too expensive – face cream you really REALLY think you need . And that beautiful summer dress that screamed your name and just couldn’t be left behind for someone else to find it. AND. AND. AND. 

The shopping rush feels so good!


Then comes the shopper’s guilt. And back at home the buyer’s remorse. And by the time you have to pay your credit card bill and you’re working hard to do so, you promise the next time is going to be different

But will it really?

Purchaser aka shopping pro

When I worked as a purchaser I travelled the world and bought with millions. But whether working for a multinational company buying parts for generators or later working as a Sourcing Manager making deals about 50 000 blankets or 10 000 leather wallets, my favorite part always was to save money (also up to millions!) for my employer while not jeopardizing the quality

And of course I loved the perks that came with the job – the gifts from the suppliers. What a great job! 

You bought exactly what was needed, nothing more, nothing less. 

You balanced between price, quality and delivery times. 

You knew exactly what was expected and if something went differently you re-negotiated or made a claim

No shopper’s guilt. No buyer’s remorse. No bad feelings. 


If I would have done my professional buying the same way I did my personal shopping you might already guess what would have happened – I would have been fired instantly!

A Crazy buyer

Or what do you think my boss would have said, if I would have told him,  

“I just felt like buying 3 extra 20 000  dollar rotor-stator-what-you-call-them-motors. They were 70% off! Come on! I couldn’t leave them there! What do you mean there’s no place to store them?! Just get a new warehouse.

And now that we are talking, I also got 2 of these what-ever-metal-things-these-are. It was a BOGO deal. What do you mean we can’t use them! Whatever! Didn’t you hear how much money I just saved?!“. 

I think I would have had to change my job title from “Purchaser” to “Crazy Buyer”. 

Fire your inner crazy buyer

So this got me thinking. 

If my personal shopping habits in a work place would have made me an instantly-fired-crazy-buyer, why they didn’t make me one on my free time? 

And then it hit me! 

When I was doing my personal shopping I WAS a crazy buyer. AND I should be fired. I should fire my inner crazy buyer

And if you recognized yourself even a little from the crazy buyer description, I would strongly recommend for you to fire your inner crazy buyer too! 

We are way better than that. 

So how does one fire their inner crazy buyer? Do you just fire your inner crazy buyer and never buy anything ever again?

Of course not.

All of your personal shopping has to be anyways done by someone. So if you fire someone, wouldn’t it make sense to hire someone else?

Hire someone you admire

I didn’t want to fire my inner crazy buyer before I knew I had someone else to do the job. I needed to find someone I could hire instead.  

Someone better. Someone who understands quality. Someone who knows what I like. Someone who’s good with money and budgets. Someone with a sense of style. Someone who won’t clutter my home. Someone with all those qualities – someone I could and would admire. 

So to fire my inner crazy buyer I needed to hire someone I admire

Who do you admire?

  • Is it the shopaholic who gives you shopper’s guilt and buyer’s remorse AND creates you money problems?
  • Is it the saleaholic who chooses for you, creates clutter in you home and denies you your wants AND your hope for better quality?
  • Is it the save-a-holic who restricts you the fun things in life and doesn’t allow you achieve balanced lifestyle?

Or is the one you admire someone totally different? And who is that person? And how can you find them?

The person you admire is already in you

The person you admire is already in you. 

  • Think about what you value?
  • What balance means to you?
  • Who would you want to be?
  • What little steps you could take to be that person?
  • What kind of lifestyle are you willing to maintain?
  • What kind of quality would you want your things to be?
  • Are you willing to live in debt just to get pretty things?
  • Would you like to feel you live in positive abundance?
  • How much stuff do you really want to own?
  • Do you cherish and value the things you already possess?
  • How much of your precious time you want to spend on taking care of your things?

You see, that person you admire is already in you too. Find that person and get to know that person. And then hire that one to do your shopping. 

Are you ready to fire your inner crazy buyer and hire someone you admire?

Are you ready to fire your inner crazy buyer? And hire instead someone you admire? Let me know in the comments!

And remember: To change the way you shop you need to change the way you think about shopping.

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