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Cute Gift Shopping List to Stay Extra Organized {Free Printable}

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Shopping for gifts can be a hassle… or you can make it super simple and stay organized. And here’s a cute gift shopping list that can help you out with that.

Shopping for gifts can be stressful, but with the right gift shopping list printable you can easily organize your shopping and stay on the budget and make gift shopping an effortless and fun event.

So I’ve created for you a cute gift shopping list that is both cute and savvy so you can save time and money with planning and track the dollars, gift wrapping and be sure you gifted all your gifts too.

I hope you’ll like the printable!

Cute printable gift shopping list

How to use this pretty pink gift shopping list (free printable)

This pretty prink printable I’ve added a lot of different columns that can help you stay organized with all your gift shopping this holiday season (or even all year round!).

Here’s how you can use it and fill in the boxes and columns:

1) A gift list for…

Here you can write who or to what purpose this gift shopping list is for. So for example you can have one for each family member or you can have one for teacher gifts, for team members, for friends or for family.

2) Total budget:

Here you can write the total budget you’d like to stay in.

3) Notes:

Here you can write extra notes.

4) Name:

If you’re using this as a “master shopping list” then here you can write the name of the person you’re shopping the gift for.

5) Gift(s):

Here you can write the gift ideas you have for that person.

6) Store:

Here you can write from which store you’re thinking of buying or have decided to buy the gift from.

7) $ (and the “total” at the bottom):

Here you can write the amount you spent on the gift.

And at the bottom you have a line to add the total you spent on all gifts. And remember to double check that you stayed within your budget by comparing this with the “Total budget”. 

8) “The bow”:

After you’ve wrapped the gift, here’s where you can add a “check mark”. 

9) “The gift”:

And check this box after you’ve given the gift to the person. 

This is how the printable looks like (you can download it at the bottom of this post):

Cute Printable Gift Shopping List

A few ideas on how to use this gift shopping list

This cute gift shopping list printable is a great addition to your letter size planner or you can use it as is.

Here are some ideas how this gift shopping list can be used:

1. Use one all year round.

You can use one of these gift shopping lists all year round and track your gift shopping, gift giving and budget in one place.

2. Use one all year round for each family member.

You can have one sheet for each family member and track your gift shopping and gift giving in one place while staying on the budget for each loved one.

3. Use one for Christmas or other holidays

On Christmas or other holidays you can have one sheet with all the names of the people you want to remember with a gift. You can stay organized, make sure you remembered everyone and be smart with the budget.

4. Use one as a birthday list.

You can have one list for all the up-coming birthdays and write down all of the names of the people who you want to be giving gifts to on their birthday or on other celebrations.

5. Use one for the upcoming celebrations.

You can write down all upcoming weddings, engagement parties, house-warming parties, annual celebrations with friends and family and other events. And you can plan and track your gift shopping, gift giving and budget on one sheet.

Extra tips for this gift shopping list

Here are a few extra tips for this gift shopping list:

Take a picture of the list when you go shopping for gifts

Take a picture of the gift shopping lists so you’ll always have them with you when you go to a store. 

Save the used gift shopping lists for reference

Take a picture of the gift shopping lists that you’ve already used so you can go back to them if you later need to remember what you gifted to someone.

Grab other gift planning printables

After printing this one, check out also this post with the gift ideas list {free printable} and you can combine gift planning and gift shopping and be extra smart, organized and savvy with the gifts.

How to download the printable gift shopping list

You can download this cute pink gift shopping list by clicking the download link under the image.

Cute gift shopping list {Free printable}

DOWNLOAD: Cute Gift Shopping List

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