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Cute (and free!) planning printables

Looking for some cute (and free!) planning printables?

I have a bunch of them that you might just fall in love with!

Scroll down & You can find:

– weekly lists, daily dockets, monthly goals printables

– grocery lists, wish lists, shopping lists, sleep logs, habit trackers, etc.

– self-assessment pages like wheel-of-life and self-reflection

Psst! Check out also the printable series to plan 12-weeks either seasonally & quarterly (instant downloads – no sign-up needed!)

Most of the planning printables you can download straight from the post and some of them I keep in my Free Printables Library.

And look, aren’t they quite cute!

Plan your weekly tasks and goals with the weekly list planner free printable. | Free printable | Planner sheet | Goal Planning | Goal setting | Goal Achieving | Goal getter | Self Development | Personal Development | Make dreams reality | How to achieve goals | SaturdayGift | Saturday gift #SaturdayGift

Want to set goals for the first quarter of the year? Awesome! But before you do that, assess your life with this quarter one wheel of life worksheet and find out in which areas of your life you're suffering and surviving and in which you're already thriving.

Monthly goals worksheets and calendar sheets Light Pink | Plan and achieve your monthly goals with the monthly goals planner free printable. | Planner insert | Goal Planning | Goal setting | Goal Achieving | Goal getter | Self Development | Personal Growth | How to set goals | How to achieve goals | SaturdayGift | Saturday gift #SaturdayGift

Scroll down to find the planning printable you’re looking for and click to post to learn more.

I hope you like them!


Reflect On Your Year {Free Printable}

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Holiday Party Menu Template {Free Printable}

For today’s gift I’ve created for you a Holiday party menu template so you can have a pretty way of sharing the menu with your guests and there’s one less thing for you to think about when you’re planning and preparing your party.  I hope you’ll like it! Psst! Check out also this party menu planner sheet…


Lovely Gift Ideas List {Free Printable}

SHOPPING FOR GIFTS CAN BE ORGANIZED AND STRESS-FREE IF YOU PLAN AHEAD. GET THE LOVELY GIFT IDEAS LIST PRINTABLE AND YOU’LL ALWAYS GIVE WELL-THOUGHT GIFTS WHILE STAYING ON THE BUDGET. “It is not the gift but the thought that counts” – Henry Van Dyke When it comes to gift planning it’s equally important to give…