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Want to be more organized when you’re about throw a party? Super! Here’s a party guest list that’ll help you simplify your party planning.

There’s always so much to do when you’re throwing a party. You need to think about the location, theme, decorations, activities, music, drinks, and food. And of course, a party is nothing without the guests. So I made you a party guest list template, so that you will remember to invite everyone and you can track who has confirmed their coming and to know how many people will show up. 

I hope you like it!

Pretty printable party guest list planner template {Free printables}

Printable party guest list template {Free printable} 

So this week’s printable gift is a party guest list template.

I will walk you through how to use it. And remember to also print the party planning checklistthe menu planner and the grocery shopping list – they go with this one!

After your party, you can keep all the party planning printables in your home management binder and when you’ll have another party coming up you can check what kind of party you threw before.

The printable guest list template looks like this:

Pink printable party guest list planner template {Free printable}

How to use the printable party guest list template

The first three things you need to decide when it comes to party guests are:

  • How many guests were you thinking of inviting?
  • Is it a party for only adults or the whole family?
  • Is this size of a party in your budget?

How to fill out the printable

And here’s how you can use the printable party guest list template:

1. At the top of the template, there’s room for you to write which party you’re throwing, how many guests total you’re thinking about inviting and a place for some notes.

2. Then there’s a super easy way to track who you want to invite, did you send the invitation, if they replied and how many guests confirmed.

I’ll walk you through it.

First column – Name:
Write here the name of the family or the name of the person you’re inviting.

Extra tip! And you can always write +1 after the name if you’re inviting them with an avec.

The next two columns – invited:
These are the number (#) of adults you’re inviting and the number of kids.

Extra tip! I like to keep the number of kids and adults in the separate columns so that if you’re serving different dishes and treats for adults and kids it’s easier for you to know how much of everything you need to prepare, make or order.

The checkboxes under the envelope:
Here you can mark an x when you’ve sent the invitation or you’ve otherwise told them about the party and have invited them.

The checkboxes under the RSVP:
Here you can mark an x when they’ve RSVP’d/sent you a confirmation.

The last two columns
are the number (#) of adults and kids that are coming to your party.

And the last checkbox
Here you can mark an x when you’ve entered all the information about the person or family you invited.

When all these checkboxes have an x in them you’re all set and you know the number of people coming to your party.

Extra tips about sending the invitations

Here are some great tips/questions that’ll help you with the invitations:

  • How are you going to invite people? By email, calling, sending an invitation by mail, handing an invitation when you see your friends and family…
  • If you’ll send an email, will you make some online invite
  • When is the latest you’ll need them to confirm if they’re coming?
  • Do some of your guests have certain dietary restrictions you need to know?
  • Is there something else you need to think about?
  • Add the address of the location to your invitation even if it’s your home
  • Add a phone number there too if they need to contact you on the day of the party (for example if they get lost, or there’s a lot of traffic.)
  • Inform the guests what time the party starts, but also what time it ends (if you need to). Sometimes it’s good to explain that the party ends at this time, because the location acquires that or what ever reason it is. 
  • Inform the guests how they can RSVP and when is the latest you’d like the to do so.
Pink printable party guest list planner template {Free printable}

The printable party guest list looks like this:

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How to download the printable party guest list template

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Next steps: Grab the other helpful party planning printables

When you’re planning a party, you’ll need to think about so many things. Like the date, time, budget, location, theme, guest list, invitations, decorations, activities, music…. well, it’s a long list!.

And that’s why I created the party planning printable series called simplify your party planning.

I want to help you to simplify your party planning, to stay organized, stress-free and on top of things and to throw an amazingly fun and succesful party!


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Pretty printable party guest list planner template {Free printables}