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How to Make Your Bedroom Extra Inviting to Ensure Better Sleep

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Want to make your bedroom extra inviting and ensure you’re doing everything possible to get better sleep? Super! Here are my favorite things to create an inviting bedroom you can’t wait to fall asleep in.

We spend (or at least should spend) a third of our lives in bed sleeping. That’s an insane amount of time. 

And yet, we don’t spend that big of a portion of our money on our beds, bedrooms, and items that could help us get better sleep.

And of course, I’m not saying that we should spend a third of our money on sleeping just because we sleep the third of our lives, that would be a little crazy, but my point is that we should budget and invest more in it.

And the good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to make your bedroom so inviting that you can’t wait for the evening to come so that you can get to bed.

How to make your bedroom more inviting to ensure better sleep

So how can you create a more inviting bedroom that can ensure better sleep?

These are 10 of my favorite tips, tricks, and products that either don’t cost a penny to do or are very affordable and an awesome investment.

And they all can make a huge difference when you’re trying to catch those ZZZs!

1. Declutter and organize your bedroom

First, make sure you’ve decluttered or put away all those things that have nothing to do with sleeping or won’t help you sleep better.

Or at least keep those neatly organized and in their own area or corner but as far away from the bed as possible.

The last thing you want is to see some pile of unpaid bills before you go to bed! 

2. Make your bed every morning

When staying in a hotel, one of the things I absolutely love is that the bed is always made.

Of course, we don’t have someone making our beds at home, so we need to do it ourselves. Except if you have an awesome spouse who makes the bed for you!

But either way, make sure your bed is made each and every morning so that in the evening you can’t wait to get into it. 

3. Buy the BEST pillow

I can’t tell you how much I love my pillow. Which pillow is that you might ask? It’s called “I love my pillow” -pillow, hahaha! That’s the perfect name for the product!


My all-time favorite pillow!

Check the price on Amazon: “I love my pillow” -pillow

4. Have clean and super soft blankets and sheets.

Do you know anything better than jumping into a bed that has freshly cleaned sheets in it! Of course, you can’t be washing your sheets every day, but make sure you invest in good sheets and blankets!

5. Use a deep sleep pillow spray (my favorite SECRET TRICK TO SLEEP BETTER!)

Use a deep sleep pillow spray that can help you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more refreshed! I love and use this deep sleep pillow spray from the company called That Works. Yep! Another brand name that is just spot on! Their pillow spray really works! Just make sure that it suits you if you’re allergic or sensitive to smells. 


This is my favorite pillow spray. I don’t use it every night, but more on those nights, I need to make sure I’ll be falling asleep early and getting enough sleep.

Check the price on Amazon: Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (That Works)

6. Make sure your bedroom is dark enough. 

Get blackout curtains and dim the lights or lighting so that your eyes start to relax. I love to use Philips Wake Up light that also has a reversed function that dims the light gradually before you go to bed. This way you don’t have to turn off the lights but you can just fall asleep the moment those ZZZs are coming to your way! 


“Wake up naturally – fall asleep peacefully”.

I’ve had a wake-up light for years! And I absolutely love it. And even more than the “wake up” -function I love the “go to sleep” -function when the light dims gradually until it turns off completely.

Check the price on Amazon: Philips Wake-Up Light

7. Get a super comfy sleep mask to block the light

If you have trouble blocking the light from your bedroom (or your hubby likes to watch tv or read a book lights on!) then grab this super soft sleep mask! I absolutely love it.


This is by far my favorite sleep mask. I use it both when I travel and at home if my there’s too much light and I can’t sleep.

And it’s SO soft, I love the price and it’s made out of 100% top-quality natural mulberry silk on BOTH sides!

Don’t like the black one? No problem, there are so many cute designs to choose from!

Check the cute designs on Amazon: Alaska Bear Sleep Mask

8. Put on some soothing music to ensure better sleep

Soothing music (on low volume) can make you feel more comfy and relaxed and help you forget all about those stressing events or “to-do’s” that might be spinning in your head.

I love to listen to suggestion tapes where someone is talking and giving me positive affirmations. They work even better for me than those nature-chirping-waves-crashing-to-the-shore kinds of things. But I wouldn’t say no to some meditative ocean sounds either! So try to find your favorite and see if this works.

9. Listen to an audiobook for 15 minutes

If you want to fall asleep fast, then do what my sister does and listen to an audiobook. Don’t use headphones though so that you won’t fall asleep wearing them. Except if you’re using these headphones that are made for sleeping! They’ve gotten good reviews on Amazon and I think I’ll get those.

And use a timer! For example, Audible has a sleep timer that you can turn on. You can choose to listen to 15 minutes and then it turns off on its own. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about Audible and start a free trial

10. Ditch the tv from your bedroom

If you haven’t done this already, I know you’re going to hate this. I do too!

But here it is: there should be no TV in the bedroom. Yep! I know it sucks. But this could be THE biggest thing that changes your sleeping habits especially if you’re one of those binge-watchers… like yours truly. 

So there they are. My 10 favorite tips and products that help me sleep better and hopefully you found a trick or two to try out so that you can catch those ZZZs and have more energy for those two thirds that you won’t spend sleeping.

And don’t forget to grab your printable sleep log and track your sleep. That way you know for sure if your sleeping routine has changed.  

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How to make your bedroom more inviting to ensure better sleep

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