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Want to be prepared for Prime Day? And to make sure that you’ll only buying things that you really want and need? Super! Here’s all you need to know about the Prime Day plus a printable Prime Day wishlist that’ll help you do just that!

Like everyone else you must like good deals, and Amazon Prime Day is no exception. It’s also great to be prepared and master your shopping so that you only buy quality things that you really want. So I made you a Prime Day wishlist printable. It’ll help you plan your shopping in advance so that you’ll only buy things that you really want and need.

And I also have here everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Day so that you can take advantage of the deals and make some well-thought-out quality purchases.

  • Amazon Prime Day is like Christmas in July. It’s a huge once-a-year sales event where Amazon offers crazy-good deals for a lot of quality products like Instant pots and Roombas.

When is it?

  • Amazon Prime Day is in July. 
  • Year 2019 Amazon Prime Day started on Monday July 15, 2019 at midnight, PT. And the amazing deals continued through Tuesday July 16, 2019.

To whom is it for?

  • Amazon Prime Day is for Amazon Prime members only. If you’re not a Prime member you can start a 30-day free trial here and take advantage of these great deals. (And after the trial if you’re not happy with your membership, then you don’t have to continue it.)
  • Note that after the free trial being a Prime member does cost, but the membership benefits are great – like the Prime Video service which is like Netflix and the free shipping and excellent return policy makes it worth paying.
  • TIP! If you’re a student with a valid .edu email address you can get a free 6-months Prime membership by clicking here.

What kind of benefits come with the prime membership?

These are my three favorite benefits of being an Amazon Prime member but this is not a full list.

  • Free two-day shipping. And an AMAZING return and refund policy. (This is my number 1 reason that I love Amazon Prime)
  • Amazon Prime Music which means limited free music streaming. It’s like Spotify with no ads. 
  • Prime Videos which means free movies and tv-shows. It’s like Netflix. I love it.
  •  And so much more: unlimited photo storage, free e-books and magazines, free audible channels, early access to Lightning Deals…
  • And of course the possibility to participate Amazon Prime Day and it’s amazing deals!
MONEY SAVING TIP! When you back up your photos with your free storage you get a $15 Amazon credit by clicking here

What kind of deals are there on Amazon Prime Day?

There are absolutely amazing deals on a lot of quality products, but the thing about Amazon Prime Day is that the deals sell out fast (check out below the lightning deals) and if you’re not fully prepared and planned your shopping you might miss some awesome deals.

But don’t worry. I’m going to be finding those deals for you and on Amazon Prime Day (July 15th and 16th) I’ll be updating this post so that you can find all amazing deals on quality products in one place. 

How to watch Lightning Deals?

  • Lightning deals are deals that come and go very fast. They’re super deals that have certain amount that will be sold and then the deal disappears. So you want to be able to be one of those that gets that deal! And here’s how you can be ahead of the game:
    • Download the Amazon app on your phone, and turn on notifications. You can also watch for the lightning deals on your computer. 
    • Go to Amazon and then Today’s deals and click on lightning deals on the menu (left side).
    • When you see a deal you like that is coming later that day, click “Watch Deal” under any items you like. 
    • When the deal is starting you’ll get a notification on your phone or you could also sign up to receive an alert email.  

Printable Prime Day wishlist

I always want to plan all my purchases so that I always buy things that are well-thought-out and that are something I really want and/or need. 

And I want to gift to you this printable Prime Day wishlist that I made so that you can plan your shopping.

And this is how it works:

1. On top of the printable wishlist there’s a place to write down your budget and some notes. It’s important to have an idea how much you want to or how much you are willing to spend.

2. Then there are lines where you can write the items you’re wishing to buy if you find a good deal.

3. When you’ve written the item name then you can start planning. 

4. Write down the normal price that the item is normally sold. (NORMAL).

5. Write down the price you’d wish to find the product on Amazon Prime Day (WISH).

6. OPTIONAL: If you are using the “Watch Deal” -function (Check out the information about lightning deals above) and wanting to be notified when a deal is on, then cross the box after you’ve found the product and you’ve added it to your “watchlist”. (WATCHLIST)

If you use this function you’ll be able to follow the deals here. (Link added later)

7. If you find the product on Amazon Prime Day and you buy it, cross the box (BOUGHT)

8. Then write down the amount you paid (PAID $)

9. And write down the amount you saved. This amount you can get by calculating the difference between the normal price and the price you paid. (SAVED $)

TIP! Make sure you’re staying in your budget that you wrote on top of the list!

10. Then after Prime Day is over calculate the totals and feel good about your savings and that you stayed in your set budget. 

And remember that it’s ok to buy nice things for yourself as long as you make the purchases intentionally and within your budget.

TIP! I like to wait before I start using new things I buy. So if I buy a lot of things on sale, I only get one thing each Saturday. That’s where this blog’s name comes from – I gift myself Saturday gifts.). 

You can download the wishlist at the end of this post.


Psst! You can also find all of the printables (plus all the future-printables) in my free resource library. 

The Prime Day Wishlist looks like this (there are two versions):

Prime Day Wishlist {Free printable} | Amazon Prime Day Deals for Quality Shopping | Awesome deals | Quality over quantity | Savvy and smart | SaturdayGift
Prime Day Wishlist {Free printable} | Amazon Prime Day Deals for Quality Shopping | Awesome deals | Quality over quantity | Savvy and smart | SaturdayGift

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How to download the Prime Day Wishlist

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But this printable you download from here:

Download the Amazon Prime Day Wishlists

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Prime Day Wishlist {Free printable} | Amazon Prime Day Deals for Quality Shopping | Awesome deals | Quality over quantity | Savvy and smart | SaturdayGift