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Do you set goals for the new year? That’s super! If you want to take your goal setting to the next level a good idea is to reflect on life. And here’s a cute printable Reflect On Your Year -worksheet to do that!

Planning and setting goals is important if we want to accomplish things and be the best version of ourselves, but equally important is to reflect our past. So today’s gift is a Reflect On Your Year planner sheet. 

This planner sheet guides you to celebrate your accomplishments and skills you acquired. And it’s a great way to go back and remember to those wonderful things and events that happened to you.

I hope you like it!

Reflect on your year - free printable

The Reflect On Your Year planner sheet includes the following sections: 

  • date
  • timeline
  • the most important goal I achieved
  • the nicest thing(s) I did to someone
  • the nicest thing(s) someone did to me
  • emoji that describes my feelings
  • the new skills I learned
  • the people I spent most time with
  • my favorite things
  • I’m grateful for
  • the compliments I received
  • and other important things I want to remember. 

This Reflect On Your Year planner sheet is a simple and fun way to reflect on the past before setting goals and planning for the future. 

It’s good to look into the past and learn from it, but it’s also wonderful to remember (and even relive!) all those beautiful and important moments that happened and this Reflect On Your Year planner sheet is a feel-good way to do so.  

The Reflect On Your Year planner sheet can be used any time of the year, not just when the year changes.

It’s like a diary page and you can use this in the beginning of the year but also other times of the year – like on your birthday, or in the fall before the school year starts.

I do my yearly review in May before summer. I set my goals in the fall and reflect on them in May. I’ve done that now for almost 20 years and it’s one of my all-time favorite things to do. So you can use this Reflect On Your Year planner sheet on New Year, on your birthday or at any time of the year you feel like you want to look into your past and reflect. 

This is a perfect addition to your letter size planner or you can use it as is.

I hope you like it as much as I loved creating it for you!

You can download the Reflect On Your Year planner sheet at the end of this post. 

Reflect on your year - free printable

How to use the Reflect On Your Year planner sheet

You can use this guide whatever way you feel like, but if you like to have some ideas and tips, here is the step-by-step guide on how you can use the Reflect On Your Year planner sheet.

TIP: When you reflect on your year have your calendar with you. Year is a long time, so we might have forgotten the things that happened to us. Or we don’t remember did they happen the past year or the year before. Skimming over your calendar while you’re reflecting makes remembering easier for you. 


Write the date you’re doing your reflections.


Write the timeline you’re reflecting. For example the month and the year (June 2018 – May 2019).

The most important goal I achieved:

Write down one goal you wanted to and did achieve. You can even write how it affected you or you can write what it means to you that you achieved that goal.

The nicest thing(s) I did to someone:

Write here one or more nice things you did to someone. It’s important to do good and it’s ok to remember (and even write down) those good things you did and re-enforce the feelings that doing good creates.

The nicest thing(s) someone did to me:

It’s equally important to remember those small (or big) nice things people do to you. Write them down and relive those feelings.

Emoji that describes my feelings:

This is fun! Draw here the emoji that describes the overall feeling you have of your past 12 months.

The new skills I learned:

We always learn something new. It can be, but it doesn’t have to be anything big.

Here are some ideas:

  • Did you learn to be more patient?
  • Did you learn how to use a saw?
  • Did you practice mindfulness?
  • Did you learn how to forgive?

The people I spent most time with:

Who were the people you spent most time with? Was it your family? Was it your friends? Was it your coworkers?

And when you think about the time spent, think about quality time – if you spend time in the same building or area with someone but barely talk to them, it’s not quality time. Who did you talk to a lot? Who did you do fun things with? Write those names down. 

My favorite things:

Write here your favorite things of the past year:

You favorite 

  • book
  • movie
  • tv show
  • song
  • food
  • vacation
  • party/event
  • hobby/exercise
  • purchase

Sometimes the most expensive purchase is not the best and sometimes the longest vacation is not our favorite.

What did you enjoy? What was fun? Did some choice surprise you?

I’m grateful for:

Write here the highlights of the year you are grateful for. Don’t be too generic. Dig deeper and be specific. 

The compliments I received:

We hear compliments every now and then and sometimes we don’t even register them. But we should. 

Try to remember some great compliments you received and write then down. 

It’s amazing how differently other people sometimes see us, so maybe it’s good to reflect on those compliments and see ourselves through the eyes of others. And maybe we’ll start seeing those beautiful features in ourselves too. 

Other important things I want to remember:

Write here the other important things and events that happened the past 12 months. They can, but they don’t all have to be fun and exciting. Write down something that moved you. Something that changed your life. Big or small. 

You can download the Reflect On Your Year planner sheet at the end of this post. 

How to download the Reflect On Your Year planner sheet

You can download this printable by clicking the download link under the image. This is a printable gift so please feel free to print out as many as you need for your personal use.

Reflect on your year -printable

DOWNLOAD: Reflect On Your Year planner sheet PDF

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Reflect on your year - free printable

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