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The Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2021 Review – Should You Buy It?

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What is The Ultimate Productivity Bundle? What’s included in the bundle? And most importantly… should you buy it?

When I first heard about the Ultimate Bundles and their products (like The Ultimate Productivity Bundle) I couldn’t quite understand how these bundles with all those amazing resources can be sold at something like 97% off.

How can you get tens of resources worth a few thousand dollars with just a fraction of the price?

Are the products any good?

And why is everyone raving about these bundles?

I’m a bit of a learning junkie, so after understanding the concept, it didn’t take long for me to become a super fan of these bundles. 

And because I’m a huge fan of continuous improvement, productivity, planning and goals, from all the bundles sold The Ultimate Productivity Bundle is my favorite. <3

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2021

*** This post includes affiliate links. Click here for the full disclosure policy. ***

What are these “Ultimate Bundles”?

Here are a few questions you might have about the Ultimate Bundles:


The Ultimate Bundles are a collection of amazing resources (ebooks, workbooks, e-courses, planners etc.) that the company Ultimate Bundles puts together. Each product has been contributed to the bundle by a different blogger, coach and/or digital entrepreneur.


The bundles are normally sold for a limited time ( a week or so) and during that time you can get all the resources about the topic with a huge discount.

Some of the bundles turn into “evergreen” offer but you’ll get even better deal when you buy these when these bundles are lauched or when there’s a “flash sale”.


To anyone who wants to improve themselves, learn something new or wants or needs a little help with something they want to accomplish. There’s been bundles about Healthy Meal Planning, Mastering Your Money, Conquer your clutterHome Making, Blogging... you name it. 

NOTE: This deal is a no brainer, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re already uber-productive and have amazing routines in place, then you might not need this.

BUT if you’re like me and you like to refine your routines, set better goals, organize your life to suit you even better then you’re going to fall in love with these resources like I did!


Not much. Not much at all. The prices depend on the bundle but for example The Productivity Bundle 2021 is going on sale for four days only between February 22th and 25th for 37 dollars. And it has 29 products (+bonuses!) in it and it’s worth $1291.98. It’s a steal!


Don’t worry! It’s not going to be overwhelming at all. 

You shouldn’t expect yourself to go through all of the resources. You don’t have to study every single course, read every book and print out all the printables and planners.

The best part is that you get to sample products from different writers, coaches and bloggers and see which ones you like.


You must have heard people calling something a win-win situation. Meaning that something happens and everyone wins. Well, these bundles are one of those “situations”.

You win because you get all those amazing resources for the fraction of the price!

The company – Ultimate Bundles – wins, because they can collect these bundles and sell them.

The contributors to the bundles (meaning the writers, course creators etc.) win because they get to showcase their work for thousands of people that otherwise wouldn’t maybe find them. And instead of selling their course or book to their audience they can sell these bundles and then their audience get the product they want to get plus tens more with approximately the same price. 

So actually this is a win-win-WIN situation! 

So I think we’ve established by now that I’m a huge fan of these bundles. And I buy a lot of different bundles during the year.

And in this post I want to walk you through The Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2021.


The Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2021 Review

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2021

Quick facts about the Ultimate Productivity bundle:

Products: 16 eCourses, 10 Planners, 3 Printables & Workbooks + BONUSES

Value: $1291.98 

Price: $37

The new Ultimate Productivity Bundle is been sold right now between February 22th and 25th.

Countdown Timer

So if you’re looking to conquer your to-do list, reach your goals, and find more time for the things that matter you the most, then this bundle has all the resourses that can help get there!

There are 29 products worth $1291.98:

  • 16 eCourses
  • 10 Planners
  • 3 Printables & Workbooks 

And all the resources fall under one (or more) of these 8 categories: 

  • Goal setting
  • Home & Family
  • Organization
  • Personal Development
  • Time Management

You can find a product that can help you whether you want to evaluate your life and identify the areas in your life that need improvement, set and achieve goals, organize your schedules and routines, get more done in less time or shift your mindset and overcome obstacles. 

And as I wrote before – and I can’t emphasize it enough – you don’t have to study everything or go through all the resources.

Even though you’d use only a few of the products, most likely the value of them will be much more than what you paid for this bundle!).

Psst! Buy before the timer runs out!

Countdown Timer

So next I’d like to highlight my favorite products from this bundle and a few questions that can help you decide whether you want to buy this bundle. 


What’s in the 2021 bundle?

There are 29 products in this bundle so I’m going to list them first and after I’ll share with you my absolute favorites!

GOAL SEtting

  • Creating Your Yearly Goals with Trello by Cara Harvey (eCourse) $29.00 During this 90 minute workshop you’ll learn how you can use Trello to map out your year goals and create your own personal board goal board for each quarter.
  • Feel-Good Plans & Goals Planner by Cristina Morero (Printable) $14.00 Simplify, plan, set goals and succeed while feeling good about yourself.
  • Goal Crusher System by Corinne Schmitt (eCourse) $27.00 This proven system can be used by anyone and for all types of goals -personal, professional, habit-based, and achievement-based.


  • 7 Days to Quiet by Dani Goeppert (eCourse) $27.00 Every mama’s guide to establishing a peace-filled daily quiet time routine.
  • Editable Daily Routine Cards by Viktoria Andersson (Printable) $5.00 Help your child visualize their daily routines and help you free yourself from power struggles, yelling, and nagging.
  • Happy Homestead Planner by Diana Bouchard (Printable) $15.00 Your go-to printable planning system to turn your dreams of self-sufficiency into a step by step personalized plan to achieve your goals. Minus the burnout and exhaustion.
  • Mastering Mompreneur Productivity by Cousett Hoover (eCourse) $37.00 From mastering mindset to automating and working smarter, not harder, this course is packed with tons of tips to maximize productivity in a super busy Mompreneur Life.
  • The Family Planner by Laura Burton (Printable) $15.00 The must-have planner to get your family organized today!
  • The Organized Kids Academy by Jessica Litman (eCourse) $97.00 Hundreds of kids have been helped to get their spaces organized and set them up for success later in life!



  • 6 Mistakes You’re Making With Your To-Do List by Jennifer Roskamp (eCourse) $19.00 Discover the things you’re doing every day that make it more difficult to get anything done.
  • Beat Journal Overwhelm by Kirsty Hill (Workbook) $39.00 This guide will help you beat life overwhelmed and gain back control of your time.
  • Complete Planning Toolkit by Mim Jenkinson (eCourse) $37.00 A collection of printable planners, stickers and eBooks to help you become more organized, productive, and calm.
  • Deluxe Home Binder by Abby Lawson (Printable) $30.00 Helps create order in the midst of a busy life, giving users one central place to keep all of their important information.
  • Fanciful Florals Coloring Planner by JoDitt Williams (Planner) $10.00 Relax and destress while organizing your week!
  • How to Find the Perfect Planner System by Lisa Sharp (Planner) $6.00 A quick guide to help you find the best planner system for you along with printables to help you create that perfect system.
  • Master Your Gmail by Niki Robinson (eCourse) $49.00 Less than 30 minutes to Gmail FREEDOM!
  • Power Over Paperwork by Laura Shaw (eCourse) $17.00 A guide to decluttering and organizing your paperwork.
  • Productivity Planner by Emily Bredeson (Printable) $8.00 Plan your month, plan your week, and plan your days.
  • The 2021 Year of Intent by Leslie Lambert (Printable) $16.99 A collection of over 100 organization printables that allows you to build a planner that works for your life.
  • The Flexible Planner 2021 by Jami Boys (Printable) $16.99 Your solution to the planner graveyard. A perfect combo of bullet journalling and traditional planner to organize your life and save time.
  • Trello Tracking Board for PROD2021 by Kristi @ Paperless Boss (Planner) $12.00 Want to track all of your bundle products DIGITALLY? Now you can with the bundle tracking board.


  • Conquer Procrastination by Nadalie Bardo (eCourse) $97.00 Actionable strategies to help you kick your procrastination habit for good.
  • Master Your Life with Productivity by Karissa Ancell (eCourse) $37.00 Make time for what matters most.
  • Procrastinator to Action Taker by Emma Norris (eCourse) $299.00 A proven, 5-step method to stop putting things off and start getting things done today!
  • Purpose, Planning and Profits by Amber Temerity Lozzi $197.00 A collection of worksheets and tutorials for busy entrepreneurs looking to streamline their systems and spotlight their skill sets.


  • Stop Procrastination and Take Back Your Time by Venese Lau (eCourse) $49.00 The proven, step-by-step actionable strategy that guides you through exactly how to stop procrastination, take back your time, and truly achieve the freedom you were promised as an Entrepreneur.
  • The Procrastination Buster by Brianna Berner (Workbook) $22.00 Quit being a flake to yourself (and everyone else in your life) with this step-by-step guide.
  • Time Blocking Workshop for Busy Moms by Katie Scott (eCourse) $25.00 This workshop will teach you to work smarter not harder and get back hours of time each week with time blocking. Includes video training, Google sheets, Trello boards, and how to rock time blocking!
  • To-Do List Queen by Brittany Jones (eCourse) $39.00 You will learn how to stop wasting time always playing catch up on your never-ending task lists, how to use any planner to stay organized, and how to actually have some of that self-care time you have so desperately been needing


My favorite products

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2021

I’m going to highlight here my favorite products in each category.

Even though there are 29 products, I’m most definitely NOT going to study them all. I study time management and productivity to free up my time for other things. If I’d spend all of my free time to study how to manage my time, then what’s the point in any of it?

So I like to think what are the areas I need help with? What are the topics I’d like to cover so that I can create better systems and routines so that I can beat the overwhelm and feel better about myself. 

I recommend you to do the same!

Do you need a better morning routine? Do you want to learn time blocking? Do you want an overall in-depth course on time management? Do you want a new planner? Do you want to journal? Do you want to set more motivating goals? 

What ever it is for you, I bet you’ll find the resources in this bundle. 

So here are my favorite products:

Master Your Gmail

An eCourse by Niki Robinson worth $49.00 (included in the productivity bundle)

When I saw this product I said out loud: I need this! And I rarely say that! 

It’s because we don’t need courses, the iPhone 11 and a bigger car. We want those things. 

(We need water, food, and shelter. We need to belong to a group and have friends and family. We need clothes to keep us warm.)

So I should have said I want this. Because I really want to master my Gmail, so I take any tips and ideas I can get. 

So if you want to gain Gmail freedom in less than 30 minutes then you’ll love love LOVE this course.

And this product is just one of the 29 amazing product bundle in the productivity bundle! So let’s see what else is there!


Feel-Good Plans & Goals Planner

A printable planner by Cristina Morero worth $14.00 (included in the productivity bundle)

Well, I have to have this as one of my favorite products in this bundle, because…

It’s my product/design! yay!

I can’t tell you how happy I was when my product was chosen to this productivity bundle. And I can’t wait for you to grab your copy of this bundle with my pretty printable planner in it.


6 Mistakes You’re Making With Your To-Do List

An eCourse by Jennifer Roskamp worth $19.00 (included in the productivity bundle)

Discover the things you’re doing every day that make it more difficult to get anything done.

Jennifer Roskamp is an awesome blogger and a mother of nine. Yes, NINE!

And she always gives very easy to implement tips, so this eCourse won’t disappoint.

Just these 3 products alone are worth $82. And there are 26 more products in the bundle (worth over $1200) and you can now grab your bundle for $37.

And if you can free-up time with the things you learn from those resources, that’s priceless!

Psst! And there are eCourses that can help you beat the procrastination that are worth $97 – $299. And they’re ALL included in this bundle.


Should you buy this bundle?

Whenever I buy something for myself that I want and even need I like to think of those purchases like they would be a gift. Gift to myself. A me-gift.

So like with any gifting, I want to be absolutely sure that I’m giving something that the recipient really wants. And because in this case the gift is a me-gift the recipient is me. So I need to gift myself something I really REALLY want.

And for me – these bundles are something I really REALLY want.

But is this bundle something that you really REALLY want? Is it something you would benefit from? Is it something you need? 

I could help you make the decision by giving you questions to answer like:

  • Are you going to benefit from some of these products?
  • Is there an area you need to improve and would this bundle hold resources that can help you with that?
  • Are there resources in this bundle that could help you achieve your goals?

But by now you already know if you want to buy it.

Buy the bundle if you really REALLY want it AND if you’re excited to start studying one of the courses, reading one of the ebooks or using one of the planners. Or if you want to develop yourself with one of the workbooks or if you want to study more about something that can really make a huge impact on your life. 

PLUS there’s a 30 day happiness guarantee so if you’re not happy with your purchase you will get a refund.

And if you’re still not quite sure, ask yourself, “what would be a better gift to give to myself than a gift of learning and a gift of time to do more of those things that you love.


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