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Live Life Purposefully – 21 Signs You Are Living a Purposeful Life

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Are you living a purposeful life? Do you experience happiness in your everyday life? Have you found your ikigai? Living purposefully is a way to live life more effectively, meaningfully, and enjoyably. Here are 21 signs you are living life with purpose

Live purposefully means to live each day with intent and meaning rather than waiting for a purpose to reveal itself.

Life is full of distractions that take you away from your true self. Sometimes life’s priorities are made more apparent by the barriers we face in achieving them.

However, sometimes it takes the sparks of inspiration that light fires under us to propel us into living more purposefully.

So what are those signs that tell you you’re already living a purposeful life?

Live life purposefully - 21 signs you are living a purposeful life

21 signs you are living life purposefully

Here are 21 signs that will help reveal if you are already living a purposeful life.

Sign 1 – You enjoy the little things

Those little ‘found’ moments and ordinary pleasures we take for granted mean so much.

Living purposefully is about living in the moment. It’s about enjoying what you have and live without feeling deprived or envious of others.

Sign 2 – You take responsibility for your own actions

If you live life purposefully, then it’s your choice. You accept responsibility for your own actions and words.

Although other people may influence you, they don’t live your life or make decisions on your behalf.

Sign 3 – Your inner voice is encouraging rather than condemning

When you live without love, compassion, and kindness, then you are living a life of selfishness. And that love and kindness should extend to yourself as well.

What is your inner voice saying? Is it encouraging? Is it kind?

Sign 4 – You experience self-esteem from within yourself rather than from external sources

Your achievements or your sense of being successful are not determined by what others think of you.

You live your life based on what you want and need to do, not on any external influences.

Sign 5 – You live your life without fear or the worry of being judged

You don’t fear or worry too much about what others think or of being judged by others.

Fear can interfere with your life’s purpose and meaning.

If you’re true to your mission and open to personal growth, you’ll find fulfillment within, and the fear and worry will disappear.

Also, if you’re in a good place yourself, you don’t have the need to judge others either.

Sign 6 – You live a simple life rather than let material things define you

We live in a society where ‘things’ sometimes dictate our happiness. But that happiness is fleeting at best, and it won’t give you the meaning or a sense of purpose you seek.

Living a simple life doesn’t mean living an ascetic life devoid of all physical pleasures. It’s about finding joy in the “here and now.” And with what you have rather than always wanting more.

Sign 7 – You are true to your core values

You know your values, and you live by them.

Your values are clear to you, and they don’t change depending on the outer scenario.

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Sign 8 – You enjoy being in the here and now

You enjoy life in the present, without worrying too much about the future or living with past regrets.

This doesn’t mean, of course, that you won’t learn from your past or look forward to the future. But if you live purposefully, then you live one day at a time and live in the moment rather than live for tomorrow.

Sign 9 – You are open to personal growth

Living purposefully is about being aware of your life’s purpose and mission.

You are open to new ideas and willing to learn and grow without living by default and on autopilot. You create your own story – your journey – and choose which direction you want to head to. And then you work on yourself and on getting there.

Sign 10 – You say what you mean and do as you say

You live life purposefully by saying what you mean, being honest and genuine, and by taking responsibility for your words and actions.

Sing 11 – You live a life with integrity

Living live purposefully means living live with integrity. You live your life in accordance by following your moral values and principles, behaving yourself, and being lawful.

Sign 12 – You don’t expect perfection from yourself or others

You strive for progress, not perfection. It’s about starting small and taking small steps forward instead of expecting perfection immediately.

Living life purposefully by taking responsibility for your life, but you don’t expect perfection from yourself. Nor do you expect anyone else to live life the way you do.

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Sign 13 – You have and cherish meaningful relationships

If you’re living purposefully, you have relationships that are important to you.

You live your life based upon the connections you make and maintain with those closest to you and caring for all fellow human beings.

Sign 14 – You live a balanced life

You live a life of balance between work and play, relaxation and activity, creativity and productivity.

You try to achieve harmony and sustainability in each area of your life.

When life seems to be unbalanced, it’s time to change that. What do you need to give more of? Less of? Adjust your life and make the necessary changes in the right direction.

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Sign 15 – Your actions make a positive difference in the world around you

By making a positive difference in the world around you, you live your life purpose for something greater than yourself.

All of life is interconnected, and making a positive difference by helping others live their lives as best they can reinforce your purpose in life.

Sign 16 – You focus on and work toward your goals regularly.

Your focus and determination are one of your most valuable resources.

You live a life of purpose by striving to make progress each day by working toward your goals. You define what success means to you. And you decide what your journey looks like and the mission you want to focus on.

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Sign 17 – You don’t have the need to compete

Another sign that you live a purposeful life is that you don’t have the need to compete with others.

You know who you are, what’s important to you, and where your life is heading, and you don’t need to prove anything, nor do you need to compare yourself to others.

Sign 18 – You are grateful for what you have

Life gives you small (and big) gifts.

When you appreciate all the aspects of your life, you feel fulfilled and aware that you possess many things in your life to be grateful for, however big or small they may be.

Sign 19 – You live by your own standards, not by the standards and expectations of other’s

If you live purposefully, you live each day according to what is important to you, not what’s important to others.

When you live by your own standards – your core values – you enforce your purpose in life because those standards matter most to you and guide the direction of your life.

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Sign 20 – You are free from the “what if’s.”

Do you ever say: “what if this or that will happen, then…?”. Or “if only I would have done this or that then…”

It’s good to learn from the past and look forward to the future, but life is here and now – in the present moment.

Sign 21: You live in the moment fully.

Living in the moment fully doesn’t mean that you live in ignorance of the past or the future. It means you are present to others without letting your mind take you to where you need to be next.

Enrich your life by consciously paying attention to everything that’s around you, as this will help you live your life with purpose.

What does purpose in life mean? What is living purposefully?

“Life purpose” refers to what one perceives as their main reason and driving force in living. This can encompass many things depending on the person, from general principles like “always live with intention and integrity” to specific daily activities such as meditation practice or morning jogging.

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Note: It is also quite common for many people to change their purpose of life after a major life experience like a breakdown, spiritual awakening, or near-death experience. Your purpose is not something that is static. It is fluid and organic, and it can change from moment to moment.

One of the most important aspects of living purposefully is finding a sense of meaning and worth in your life – things bigger than you that give your life meaning and foundation to live confidently.

It’s not about attaching an inherent value or importance to what we do with our time; instead, it’s about finding meaning in the process of life itself.

Why should you live life purposefully? What are the benefits of living a purposeful life?

Living with purpose can help you live a more fulfilling life; live the kind of life that makes you happy. It can help build self-esteem and make life more satisfying.

It’s a personal journey that can lead to a more joyous, confident life. You write your story and create the life that you’re supposed to live. Not others.

Why should you live with purpose? It might help to answer this question instead, “Why live without one?”

If you feel like your life is going nowhere or you’re living by default on autopilot, then maybe it’s time for a change.

To live life purposefully is a state of mind.

It’s not about being ignorant of the past or future but enjoying the here and now. And being mindful in each moment without worrying too much.

It’s carrying meaningful relationships, working towards your goals on a regular basis, striving for progress instead of perfection, feeling free and daily happiness, and acknowledging what you have in your life to be grateful for.

Living purposefully also means you’re true to your values and follow your own standards. You have balance and harmony, and focus on what’s important to you without comparing yourself to anyone else while serving something greater than yourself.

Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

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