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5 Things to Do to Start the New Year off Right

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Looking for ways to start the new year off right? Super! Here are 5 simple tips you can easily do to make sure the year ahead will be a good one.

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Start the New Year off Right

It’s that time of year again where we reflect on the past year and make resolutions for the future.

But what if you don’t want to make any new year’s resolutions?

What if you don’t want to make new promises about healthy habits and losing weight? Or about starting million new things that, after a few weeks, make you feel too overwhelmed that you end up doing none of them?

No worries! You can still start off your new year right.

Here are 5 awesome things you can do instead to have a fresh start for the upcoming year.

1. Buy a new planner or a notebook to write down your plans, goals, and ideas. 

Planning and getting organized is a great way to set yourself up for success in the year ahead.

And there’s nothing better than starting a new year by breaking in a new planner or a notebook and start writing down your plans, goals, and ideas.

Who knows, you might even like to try bullet journaling.

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2. Take yourself on a date to reflect and brainstorm

Take yourself on a date for a few hours, grab a cup of coffee and bring your new notebook. Take a moment to reflect on the previous year and brainstorm a few things you’d like to do in the upcoming year.

These things you brainstorm can be anything:

  • Getting a new job
  • Learning a new skill
  • Improving your self-esteem
  • Going for a walk regularly with your best friends
  • To fall asleep at the same time every night, and get a good night sleep
  • To focus more on your relationships or on yourself
  • To start a new morning routine and stick to it
  • Having a date night or a family night every week
  • Concentrating on your emotional health and mental well being
  • Redesigning your business’ entire website
  • Supporting more small business owners
  • Starting a new hobby

Just write down whatever comes to mind.

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Reflect on your year

Grab this pretty & productive End of the Year Reflection Worksheet from this post:

How to do an end of the year reflection (+free printable planner sheet)

Reflect on your year worksheet to start the new year off right
Reflect On Your Year (Printable Worksheet)

3. Set goals for the year

Go through the list you brainstormed and see if you can find a few things you could choose as your primary goals for the year.

Think about where you’d like to see yourself at the end of the year. Set 2-5 goals.

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Try to include goals for your business or job and your personal life.

And make sure your goals are SMART:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Meaning that you’ll write down precisely what you want to achieve, how you’ll know that you’ve reached your goals, that you make sure the goals are realistic and have a timeline.

Then write 5-10 doable action steps for each goal.

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Monthly goals

Follow your goals and your progress each month. Grab this pretty & productive Monthly Goals printable from this post:

How to set your mini goals each month + (+free printable planner sheet)

Monthly Goals Planner Sheet to follow your goals and progress each month
Monthly Goals planner sheet

4. Review both your financial situation & timely obligations

Review your financial situation and make a realistic budget and stick to it.

This doesn’t have to be too detailed. Just write down on one page the estimated net income and then on the other page your estimated monthly expenses.

Review also your calendar and time obligations.

Make sure, you’re not asking too much of yourself. If you’re running a family of 5 and you work full time or have your own business, maybe it’s ok, if you don’t have the time to practice for triathlon. <3

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Elegant Monthly Calendar January
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2022 Calendars

Grab Year At A Glance 2022 Calendars to make plans for the whole year.

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2022 Yearly Calendar printable twenty twenty two - free printable - Sunday start
Twenty Twenty Two – Yearly Calendar 2022 (Printable)

5. Invest in yourself and live within your means

Live within your means both time-wise and financially. There’s barely anything more stressful than having too little time and money all the time.

And when you budget your time and money, also remember to invest in yourself. Do things that make you happy to have enough energy and stay positive no matter what life throws your way.

Want to make new year’s resolutions anyway?

And if you do want to make one new year’s resolution, make it about, for example, living purposefully and regularly treating yourself with something nice. Because you deserve it.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.

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New Year’s Resolution

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