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0 Times Table Chart – 10 Cute & Free Printables

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Looking for a cute and free printable 0 times table chart? Here you can find 10 free printable multiplication charts for the table of 0 in black & white and pretty pastel colors.

0 Times Table Chart Printable Cute Pastel Stripes
Cute printable 0 Times Table Chart

These cute (and free!) printables and worksheets can help you teach your students or child the multiplication facts for the 0 times table.

They are perfect for kids, students, and anyone who wants to quickly learn the multiplication table of 0 and solve multiplication problems.

HOW TO PRINT: These printables are easy to print out and use – just follow these steps to get your worksheets printed:

  1. Scroll down until you find the design you’d like to print out
  2. Click on the instant download link under the image of the PDF
  3. An ad might pop up, so close the ad, and the PDF will appear
  4. Save the PDF to your computer and print them out.

Psst! The image has my logo on a banner, but no worries, the PDFs come without it.

Size: US Letter – but some can be easily resized and printed as A4.

Tip for printing: I always recommend saving the file to the computer first so that it will print out using the correct printer settings you have set up.

Cute & Free Printable 0 Times Multiplication Table Charts
Cute Printable 0 Times Table Multiplication Charts

You can print as many as you like and use them as a great educational tool for homeschool or classroom and for parents to help their kids with their homework.

So here are the multiplication charts. You can find both black and white and colorful chart designs. Print your favorite design (black and white, simple design with a hint of color or the playing card page), and start practicing your zero times tables.

I hope you like them and find them helpful!

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Fun 0 times multiplication tables

This fun zero times multiplication table comes in 4 cute colors. And it’s designed as a playing card. 

1. Zero times table – Pink card

0 Times Table Chart Playing Card Pink
Table of 0 – pink playing card

DOWNLOAD: 0 Times Table – Pink Playing Card

2. Zero times table – Green card

0 Times Table Chart Playing Card Green
Table of 0 – green playing card

DOWNLOAD: 0 Times Table – Green Playing Card

3. Zero times table – grey card

0 Times Table Chart Playing Card Grey
Table of 0 – grey playing card

DOWNLOAD: 0 Times Table – Grey Playing Card

4. Zero times table – beige card

0 Times Table Chart Playing Card Beige
Table of 0 – beige playing card

DOWNLOAD: 0 Times Table – Beige Playing Card

Black & White 0 x tables

These black and white printable 0 times table sheets are perfect when you need to print a lot, and you want to save some ink. It’s still fun and cute even without the colors.

5. Zero times table – black and white

0 Times Table Chart Printable Black & White Simple Design
Black & White 0 Times Table

DOWNLOAD: Zero Times Table – Black & White

6. Black & white multiplication table of 0 with stripes

0 Times Table Chart Printable Black & White Stripes
Multiplication Table of 0 – grey stripes

DOWNLOAD: Black & White Multiplication Table of 0 with Stripes

Free printable multiplication table of 0

These free printable 0 times table charts are perfect for the classroom, homeschooling, or parents who want to help their kids learn faster.

You can find this design in 3 different colors: pink, green, and grey.

7. Simple 0 times table – pink

0 Times Table Chart Printable Pink Simple Design
Pretty pink zero times table

DOWNLOAD: Simple Pink 0 x Table

8. Simple 0 times table – Green

0 Times Table Chart Printable Green Simple Design
Gorgeous green 0 times table

DOWNLOAD: Simple Green 0 x Table

9. Simple 0 times table – Grey

0 Times Table Chart Printable Grey Simple Design
Cute grey times table of 0

DOWNLOAD: Simple Grey 0 x Table

10 times table multiplication chart (cute stripes)

0 Times Table Chart Printable Cute Pastel Stripes
0 Multiplication Table – pastel stripes

DOWNLOAD: Zero Times Table Multiplication Chart – Pretty Pastel Stripes

Other free printable math worksheets – multiplication table charts

The times tables show multiplication equations, and you can find more information & details, math facts, and equation worksheet printables to learn and solve each multiplication table. 

And each times table post has tips on how to remember each time table better: like when you multiply a one-digit number by 11. The answer is always the repetition of that same digit. Example: 8 x 11 = 88.

Knowing the times tables by heart will help later solve more complex math exercises like word problems.

Check out all the math printables

I offer a range of different math printables free for personal and classroom use.

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What are the 0 times tables?

Here you can find all the answers for 0 times tables up to 12 and 24. And the zero times table in words.

0 times table up to 12

0 x 1 = 0
0 x 2 = 0
0 x 3 = 0
0 x 4 = 0
0 x 5 = 0
0 x 6 = 0
0 x 7 = 0
0 x 8 = 0
0 x 9 = 0
0 x 10 = 0
0 x 11 = 0
0 x 12 = 0

0 times table up to 24

0 x 13 = 0
0 x 14 = 0
0 x 15 = 0
0 x 16 = 0
0 x 17 = 0
0 x 18 = 0
0 x 19 = 0
0 x 20 = 0
0 x 21 = 0
0 x 22 = 0
0 x 23 = 0
0 x 24 = 0

What is zero Times Table in words?

0 times table (up to 10) in words is as follows:

0 times 1 equals 0
0 times 2 Is equal to 0
0 times 3 equals 0
0 times 4 Is equal to 0
0 times 5 equals 0
0 times 6 Is equal to 0
0 times 7 equals 0
0 times 8 Is equal to 0
0 times 9 equals 0
0 times 10 Is equal to 0

You can say 0 times (number) is equal to (answer), or 0 times (number) equals (solution).

Tips for 0 times multiplication table – Is there a trick for 0 times tables?

The easiest way to memorize multiplication tables is to find patterns or skip counting/number line jumps.

But 0 times table is extra super easy to remember.

All numbers multiplied by 0 equal 0.

0 multiplied with any number equals 0.


  • 2 x 0 = 0
  • 7 x 0 = 0
  • 0 x 3 = 0
  • 0 x 173 = 0
  • 0 x 23 434 = 0

So whatever digit you are multiplying with 0 – The answer is always zero.

Fun fact: Zero is an even number because it can be divided by 2, and an answer is a whole number.

How do you learn the zero times tables?

The best way to learn 0 times table (or any times table whatsoever) is practice. The three steps you can use to encourage your child are to view the table often, write the answers down and even read aloud – and repeat.

Print out the practice sheets and do them over and over again. Hang one of the 0 times tables in the kids’ room.

Learn the few tips and tricks given above, and before you know it, you’ll master the 0 times multiplication table in no time.

I hope you enjoy these printable 0 times table worksheets. And remember to check out the multiplication chart 1 – 12 (12×12) and up to 100 (10 x table) and print them out as well.

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