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50+ Productive Things To Do At Home When Bored

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Looking for some productive things to do at home when bored? I created a list of things that you might like!

Stuck at home? Binge-watching Netflix? Don’t know what to do? I know the feeling! So I put together a list of 50+ productive things to do at home when bored that I hope can help you find something to do that you both enjoy and find useful!

I hope you like it!

50+ Productive things to do at home when bored | SaturdayGift

I’ve divided the things you can do at home when bored under these 7 categories:

  • Create productive & practical lists
  • Simplify & declutter
  • Get organized
  • Plan, journal & create systems
  • Learn new things, create routines & develop yourself
  • Prepare for success & set goals
  • Feel good – fun things to relax & decompress 

Want to be extra productive while doing your tasks?

Always pick only one thing at a time you’d like or are going to do!

Multitasking different projects and tasks might just leave you overwhelmed.

When doing only one project at a time from start to finish you can feel  that you accomplished something and if the project feels too overbearing and big, then  create small “sub-projects” that you know are doable.

For example:

Don’t start a project where you’re going to declutter the entire house in a week. That can be your goal, but then divide that project into smaller projects and tasks. 

And instead make a plan that on Monday you’ll declutter and organize your bills. And on Tuesday you’ll get rid of all the expired products and so on. 

With that said, here’s the list of all the productive things to do at home when bored!

50+ Productive things to do at home when bored

Here’s some ideas of things you can do at home when feeling bored and wanting to be productive. 

Create Productive & Practical Lists

1. Write down a list of friends you could call and then make plans when to contact them

2. Create a “master” grocery list of all the usual things you buy from the store. You can use this printable grocery list. 

Grocery Shopping List Rose - pretty ( and free!) printables Featured IMG | SaturdayGift

3. Write down your favorite recipes

4. Create boards on Pinterest and pin inspiring and interesting images – you can check out my Pinterest profile for inspiration

5. Write down all of your passwords (and keep them in a safe place!). Psst! Grab one of these cute printable password tracker templates.

6. Write down a bucket list of things you want to do later

7. Write down a wish list of things you buy later

Wish List Worksheets {Free Worksheet} - Budget Plan Save | SaturdayGift

8. Make an inventory list of your pantry

9. Make a list of things that need to fix around the house

10. Make a list of freezer meals you could prep

11. Make an inventory list of your clothes & accessories

12. Research and write down your favorite quotes

13. Create playlists – for exercising, to feel good at home, energizing…

Simplify & Declutter

14. Declutter and organize your makeup and beauty products

15. Declutter your phone – remove the apps you don’t use

16. Declutter your Facebook – unfollow the groups that you don’t want to be part of anymore

17. Declutter and organize your email – try to achieve an empty inbox

Want to declutter your whole house? Check out this post about How to create a smart decluttering action plan. 

18. Unsubscribe from the email lists you don’t want to be part of any longer – if you haven’t been reading the emails lately then unsubscribe from those lists. You can always re-subscribe if some point you feel like it.

19. Toss out expired products – go through the fridge, freezer, pantry, make up products, beauty products and anything else that has an expiration date 

20. Clean and polish your shoes

21. Clean your phone and computer screens (plus keyboard, mouse etc.)

22. Fix broken things around the house – and toss out the ones that can’t be repaired

Get organized

23. Sort and organize your digital photos – this might be a HUGE project so create mini-projects and tasks to tackle this one

24. Organize your bills and papers

25. Re-arrange furniture – this is my absolute favorite thing to do when I’m bored!

26. Start a capsule wardrobe

27. Scan & digitalize your papers and old documents

Plan, journal & create systems

28. Make your own planner/calendar with printables – you can find a lot of pretty & practical planner printables here.

SaturdayGift Printables Library

29. Start bullet journaling – you don’t need anything fancy to start. Just a notebook and a pen will do. And if you want to learn more about how to start bullet journaling you can read this post I wrote on Bullet Journaling for Beginners – a complete guide to start BuJo today.

READ POST: Bullet journaling for beginners – a complete guide to start your first BuJo today

30. Put together a home management binder

31. Make a self-care weekly & monthly plan (and remember to execute it!)

32. Start a gratitude journal

33. Print out a Wash Hands sign, frame it and place it in your bathroom.

34. Make a meal plan – and check out this post: Super Simple Meal Planning Method – How to Start Meal Planning. Or check out this post and print out your meal plan on Post-It Notes: How to print meal planning Post-it notes

35. Print out a WIFI password sign and add it to your home office or guest room.

36. Start using Trello to organize your digital world

Did you know that you can easily print meal planning post-it notes? Check out the step-by-step instructions that show you how! Printable template included. SaturdayGift | Saturday gift #mealplanning #printables #postit #SaturdayGift

Learn new things, create routines & develop yourself

37. Write a letter to your future self

38. Write a letter to your past self

39. Listen to audiobooks

40. Start a new habit and track it – grab a free printable habit tracker and check out these 50+ ideas you can track

Habit tracker ideas and bullet journal layouts
Habit tracker ideas

41. Read a self-development book – Check out my all-time favorite personal development books from this post

42. Write down your evening routine

43. Write down your morning routine

44. Start studying a new language online

45. Watch TED talks

Prepare for success & set goals

46. Update your CV/resume

47. Update your LinkedIn profile – or create one!

48. Create a 12-week plan – plan, set goals & achieve them – Check out my free printables to create a 12-week plan for spring, summer, fall and winter.

49. Create a vision board. Cut images and words from magazines and newspapers and glue then on a board. Or use one of my super cute (& free!) printable vision board templates to create your dream board the easy way.

50. Do online courses

Feel good – fun things to relax & decompress

51. Try adult coloring – you can find a ton of printables online or you can check out this post: Coloring printables to Relax or these All About Love Coloring Sheets

Lovely Valentine's Day coloring sheets {free printables} for relaxing, mindful and feel-good coloring. Feel good one gift at a time with #SaturdayGift.

52. Listen to guided relaxation from YouTube

53. Paint your nails

54. Practice hand lettering

55. Exercise at home

56. Do at-home pedicure

57. Meditate

58. Change your phone’s wallpaper. Grab one of these cute free wallpapers for your phone.

Pink Aesthetic Wallpaper for iPhone - Cute & Free Backgrounds Featured Image

I hope you found something you’d like to do or got some inspiration out of this list of productive things to do at home when bored. 

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50+ Productive things to do at home when bored | SaturdayGift
50+ Productive things to do at home when bored | SaturdayGift

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