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Free Christmas Printable: Fanciful Christmas Countdown

Fanciful Christmas Countdown Printable. Perfect addition to your planner or use it as is.Read more

Want to have a cute way of showing how many days there are until Christmas. This Fanciful Christmas Countdown printable is perfect addition to your planner or you can use it as is on fridge door or even frame it. Click to post and grab this Christmas countdown printable and start the countdown to Christmas.

Elegant 2019 Calendar {Free Printables}

Elegant 2019 Calendar - free printables | Pretty printable | Planner sheet | Planning & Organizing | Self Development | Personal Development | 2019 Calendar | Black & white calendar | Minimalistic & simple | SaturdayGift | Saturday gift #SaturdayGiftRead more

IN A NEED OF A PRINTABLE CALENDAR? DO YOU WANT IT TO BE PRETTY TOO? GREAT! YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. HERE IT IS: AN ELEGANT MONTHLY CALENDAR 2019.  ”Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.” – Brad Paisley I think everyday is just the right day […]

Holiday Thank You Cards {Free Printable}

Holiday Thank You Cards - free printable | Advent Calendar | Printables | Gift tags | Be Grateful | SaturdayGift | Saturday gift #SaturdaygiftRead more

Today’s feel-good printable is a set of Holiday thank you cards. I hope you’ll like them! Want to be the first one to know about the future feel-good printables? If you don’t want to miss any of these pretty printables or any future Saturday gifts, sign up for the SaturdayGift newsletter below and you’ll be […]

Reflect On Your Year {Free Printable}

Reflect on your year - free printable | Pretty printable | Planner sheet | Goal Planning | Reflect your year | Year in review | Achieve your goals | Self Development | Personal Development | Organization | Planning | SaturdayGift | Saturday gift #SaturdayGiftRead more

IT’S GREAT YOU SET GOALS, BUT IT’S EQUALLY IMPORTANT TO REFLECT ON YOUR YEAR. AND HERE’S A PRETTY PRINTABLE TO DO SO. Planning and setting goals is important if we want to accomplish things and be the best version of ourselves, but equally important is to reflect our past. So today’s gift is a Reflect […]

Chalkboard Buffet Food Labels {Free Printables}

Cute food labels | SaturdayGiftRead more

Do your guests know what they’re eating at your party? Click and grab these pretty chalkboard food labels and after you’ll add them to your table setting, they will!. Includes: Nut free, vegan, dairy free, gluten free, egg free, vegetarian and blank labels.

Holiday Party Menu Template {Free Printable}

Holiday Party Menu template - free printable. | Feel good printables | Pretty Printables | Free printable | Planner sheet | Planner page | Party planning | Party Menu template | SaturdayGift | Saturday gift #SaturdayGiftRead more

For today’s gift I’ve created for you a Holiday party menu template so you can have a pretty way of sharing the menu with your guests and there’s one less thing for you to think about when you’re planning and preparing your party.  I hope you’ll like it! Psst! Check out also this party menu planner sheet […]

Fun Gift Exchange Game {Free Printables}

Fun Gift Exchange Game - free printable | Happy Holidays | Gift Exchange | Advent Calendar | Pretty Printables | Free Printables | White Elephant | Secret Santa | SaturdayGift | Saturday gift #Saturdaygift #25merrydaysRead more

Today’s gift is all about fun and good vibes. It’s a gift exchange game printable to make gift swapping a fun and feel-good event. This post is part of the 25 Merry Days of the free printables advent calendar. I can’t wait to share this printable with you! I hope you’ll like it! What is a […]